the weather. Australia, Hurricane Seroja and the FUJIWARA EFFECT “3B Meteo” dance

      the weather.  Australia, Hurricane Seroja and the FUJIWARA EFFECT “3B Meteo” dance
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    Fujiwara effect, very rare, is expected in northwestern Australia between Seroga That devastated part of Indonesia and the 27S Tropical Depression. The effect occurs when two equatorial systems orbit each other; In rare cases, it can be combined into one system, but this does not mean that the severity accumulates. When a tropical cyclone arrives near another tropical cyclone, the interaction will be detrimental to both storms through some kind of interference, both through increasing the variability of wind intensity with elevation in the upper layers, and because of a decrease in the contribution of moisture and heat in the lower layers due to weak winds. Usually the weaker system is significantly weakened or dissipated as a result of the reaction.

    The two storms will tend to merge (and thus more rarely) into a single system first To bring heavy rain with flood risk Southwestern Australia between Sunday and Monday. It is precisely this merger that will tend to make the actual path of the resulting tornado that must pass between Perth and Coral Bay is uncertain.

    Seruja, As a result, more than 100 people have died in Timor-Leste And in the vicinity of Indonesia, it is now a Class 1 equivalent northwest of Dambir. The two systems are 700 km apart in the late afternoon local time and began to interact. According to the Australian Weather Service, the resulting hurricane is expected to grow into a Category 3 or 4 hurricane by Sunday morning local time.

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