The wave against LGBT people doesn’t stop in the US: It’s Florida and Texas’ turn

    The wave against LGBT people doesn't stop in the US: It's Florida and Texas' turn
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    Wave Anti-transgender, gay, bisexual, and transgender laws in the United States She continues relentlessly on her journey. Of the eight proposals made since the beginning of the year, the most serious and dangerous has just been approved while an inquiry order arrives from one of the most conservative states that has nothing but chilling.

    Florida and Texas have ended up in the crosshairs of controversy, as they have been attacked on multiple fronts by LGBTQ+ communities, activists, liberal politicians, and celebrities.

    Anti-LGBT Laws in Florida and Texas
    Elliot Page was among the first to speak out against the measures taken in recent days

    in Florida, HB 1557 . Billknown asDon’t say like me“It was approved in the last few hours by the Florida House of Representatives. It was the last step missing for the bill to be implemented and effective from the 2022-2023 school year.”Don’t say like me“It was proposed by Senator Dennis Baxley and would ban discussions of sexual and gender issues in schools, as well as endanger the mental health of students who have not yet come out to their parents, who may also be exposed against their will.

    Anti-LGBT Laws in Florida and Texas
    Protests in Florida against the law no less gay

    But in recent days, the Ukraine crisis has cast a shadow over another item that made us shudder, straight from Texas.

    In fact, Texas Governor Greg Abbott officially ordered In-depth investigations into gender confirmation care. the reason? According to Abbott, the medical procedures of transgender youth are comparable to abuse of walls, and should be treated as such.

    Because the Texas Department of Family and Protection Services (DFPS) is responsible for protecting children from abuse, I urge your agency to conduct a thorough and timely investigation into all reported cases of these abusive actions in Texas.

    Anti-LGBT Laws in Florida and Texas
    Texas Governor Greg Abbott

    Thus, we read in the officially issued memorandum that:All licensed professionals who have direct contact with children who may experience such abuse, including doctors, nurses, and teachers, must report it immediately or face criminal penalties.“.

    The investigations are not only targeted by doctors and the children themselves, but also by parents who allow their children to undergo these treatments.

    In addition to the most advanced medical treatments, those related to puberty and . are also under attack hormonal treatments, which corresponds to the first step in the transition path for millions of very young people. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has, in fact, released data that around 60-70% of transgender* take hormones, while only 20-40% have had surgery as well. So this measure will affect a significant portion of the transgender population in the state.

    He also backed Governor Ken Paxton, the Texas attorney general, who said the medical procedures in question would be a violation of state law.

    Anti-LGBT Laws in Florida and Texas
    Protests in Texas to Defend Transgender *Young People, Students and Their Families

    The White House immediately rejected this action and issued a statement through its spokesmen:Families should have the right to seek health care that enables young people to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. Conservative officials in Texas and other states in the country must stop getting involved in health care decisions that create unnecessary tension between pediatricians and their patients.

    No parent should face the political struggle that hinders their children’s access to life-saving care

    Meanwhile, Abbott’s comments have activists worried: For now, it’s just a matter of investigating families, but the risk of all of this turning into a law against gender-affirmation therapies may be hiding in the corner.

    Despite promises made by President Biden during the election campaign, the climate of hatred and persecution that prevails in the most conservative nations does not appear ready to back down. In fact, many have already identified it as real The crusade against transgender and homosexuals.

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