The wall between Finland and Russia is being built

    The wall between Finland and Russia is being built

    Finland’s accession to NATO will lead to the construction of a fence on the border with Russia. Work will take approx 380 million euros and three to four years to complete it. It will represent the longest physical protection structure between NATO and the Russian Federation.

    Helsinki proposed building a long barrier From 130 to 260 kilometers Mostly concentrated in the southeastern part of the border.

    In total, the length of the border between Finland and Russia is 1,300 kilometers. A discussion about the construction of the barrier appeared for the first time in the Scandinavian country between 2021 and 2022 Belarus It facilitated travel from the Middle East (from Iraq and Syria in particular) to flocks of immigrants near the borders with Lithuania and Poland. At the time, the idea of ​​building a fence along the entire outer border of Finland was considered unrealistic in terms of cost.

    The wall will be high more than three metres It is topped with barbed wire. Especially sensitive areas will be equipped with night vision cameras, lights and speakers.

    Currently, Finland’s borders are mainly protected by light wooden fences, designed mainly to prevent animals from moving from one country to another.

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