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The US investigation into FCA Us closed with a fine

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The US investigation into FCA Us closed with a fine. It is about the issue of unions and wages in the United States. Let’s clear: there is alleged involvement of FCA Us. In which an agreement was reached with the judicial authorities. The story relates to some of the alleged crimes committed by officials at the UAW-Chrysler National Training Center, a training center run jointly with the Metal Workers’ Union.

FCA Us investigation closed with fine: 30 million

The settlement was reached with the attorney general’s office in the Eastern District of Michigan. Subject to federal court approval. A fine of $ 30 million is expected.

However, there is a plea of ​​guilt for only one charge, which is conspiracy to violate the Labor Relations Act, what is it? American Union Relations Act.

The investigation was not central. It was a thread from an investigation into a corruption scandal at the top of UAW. It concerns some non-profit organizations and associations associated with union officials.

Observation on FCA Us for three years

Not only. FCA US agreed to submit to an independent monitoring mechanism for a period of three years. Objective: To verify compliance with the obligations agreed upon with the judicial authorities regarding the closure of the training center.

Additionally, a series of internal controls must be implemented over asset replacement procedures. Which until recently was held by the same center. In short, the fine and prevention.

Recall that GM has filed a complaint accusing the FCA of bribery, through bribes paid as training center funding, to UAW officials. The FCA finds the allegations unfounded. What is the purpose according to GM? Get cheaper contracts and lower wages. The lawsuit was dismissed and dismissed repeatedly by federal and state judges.

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