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    The US Army is developing a “tactical bra” for its female soldiers. The prototype of the Army Tactical Bra will be presented to the Army in the fall and, if approved, will be the first bra the Army ever offers to its enlisted men, thus becoming an integral part of their uniform.

    To develop the bra, the US Army’s Combat Capabilities Development Command Center listened to “hundreds of female soldiers in different regions and in different locations,” with the goal of gathering information on “fit, support, and performance.” The prototypes under study are subject to difficult tests such as the flame test.

    The prototypes were developed at DEVCOM’s headquarters in Natick, UK. Potential industrial partner projects at DEVCOM Headquarters were also evaluated.

    If the bra “becomes part of the Army’s uniform on the next uniform board — David Accepted, a spokesperson for the Soldier Center for the US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command — said we would see it as a victory for the US Army. Throughout our group, who will likely receive ATB at joining the army.”

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