The United States is destroying the peace

    The United States is destroying the peace

    If peace talks are stalling, it’s a mistake Joe Biden who ruins it This is the position of the Chinese government Xi Jinping Which yesterday, cashed in suspicion Volodymyr Zelensky In a potential phone call with two people to discuss a truce, he decides to tell his truth.

    This is what the spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did, Mao Ningaccording to which “Beijing played a constructive role. The United States not only adds fuel to the fire, but also hinders other countries’ efforts to promote peace talks. What are their intentions?”.

    Referring to the pressures of the White House to thwart the Chinese peace plan. A question that Washington does not want to answer at the present time. On the contrary, shortly after, the thousandth provocation arrived from the United States, given that Beijing indicated in the afternoon the violation of the territorial waters of the Paracel Islands, disputed between China, Vietnam and Taiwan, by the American destroyer Milius, which was removed from it. Tension increases in the area.

    But if the US turns a blind eye to the Chinese peace plan, the EU appears to be starting to distance itself. Yesterday, the High Representative for Foreign Policy of the European Union, Joseph BurrellSpeaking to ANSA, he said he would soon go to Beijing because “the Chinese want to have a diplomatic role, and they don’t want to be totally tied to Moscow’s military actions. And given that Russia agrees to 12 Chinese peace points, this is a role we must strengthen.”

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