The United States, Australia and Japan will strengthen military cooperation against Chinese expansion



    The governments of the United States, Australia, and Japan decided to enhance military cooperation in the face of China’s growing ambitions. “We are deeply concerned about China’s increasingly aggressive behavior in the Taiwan Strait and other parts of the region,” the US defense secretary said in a statement. Lloyd Austinwhich welcomed its Australian and Japanese counterparts – respectively Richard Marlis And the Yasukazu Hamada To the headquarters of the US Military Pacific Command. Austin said the meeting is a way for countries to build on their already close cooperation. “America is proud to have Australia and Japan among our closest allies,” he said at the start of the meeting, as reported on the US Defense website. “For decades, our three democracies have served side by side as an anchor of stability and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region and around the world,” he added.

    For his part, Australia’s defense minister – who is also the country’s prime minister – said that “our interest is in maintaining the rules-based global order. But we see that system under pressure in the Indo-Pacific region as well, as China is trying to shape the world around it in a way that We’ve never seen it before.” For Austin, the Triple Alliance makes the area safer. “I look forward to strengthening our trilateral defense cooperation today, including in joint regional expansion, in our trilateral military activities and in deepening our technological cooperation,” he said, expressing his conviction that “working together strengthens (i) our integrated deterrence and brings us all to a safer and more prosperous region.” . Minister Hamadeh said Japan also believes that “the foundations of the international system have been undermined.” He said, “Today, the international community is facing difficult security conditions due to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, China’s unilateral change of its forceful position in the South and East China Seas, and the remarkable development in nuclear technologies. And North Korean missiles.” With the help of a translator.

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