The United States and Trump toward re-nomination

    The United States and Trump toward re-nomination

    “I’ve raced twice, I’ve won twice, and we can do it again.”

    Donald Trump is close to running for president in 2024. From the stage of the conservative CPAC convention, the former president returns to talk about elections “stolen from America in an immigrant-infested retreat,” and the “rejected offer” to send in the National Guard on January 6, 2021, the day of the assault. On Capitol Hill, and what he is subjected to “continuous persecution” to silence him.

    So I did House Speaker Nancy Pelosi attacked for her trip to Taiwan (“Woman Who Wobble”), Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (“America’s Most Hated Politician”) and Joe Biden and his policiesEspecially the economic ones, in which the United States risks moving from recession to depression: “We are a third world country in many ways.”

    “The Return of America begins in November, and it will last until 2024. We will continue to fight and take back the countryAnd Trump adds, attacking the Jan. 6 commission and foundation that, as its investigations continue, “are hurting me because in this way I can no longer represent you.” If I remain silent, the attacks against me will cease immediately, but I cannot do that because I love this country.” And again: “I am not doing this for me but for you. For me I am honored to do so because if I do not do so we risk becoming a new version of Venezuela, the Soviet Union or Cuba.”

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