The United Kingdom sends its most powerful nuclear submarine to the Mediterranean

    The United Kingdom sends its most powerful nuclear submarine to the Mediterranean

    Britain’s most powerful nuclear attack submarine has arrived Tarek mountain Hours after Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a violent attack on His Majesty’s Government.
    The HMS Audacious is one of the UK’s newest submarines and is considered one of the world’s most lethal underwater vehicles. The Astute-class ship is a “Hunter killer” submarine used to attack and sink other submarines and surface ships with its torpedoes and is capable of attacking land targets with cruise missiles.
    Arriving on her first visit to Gibraltar, the 97-meter ship was seen mooring next to the aircraft carrier USS Georgia.

    Audacious is capable of hitting targets up to 1,200 kilometers from the coast with pinpoint accuracy. It has a top speed of 30 knots and is the latest vessel of the Astute class.

    The ship is also able to produce its own oxygen and fresh water from seawater, which means it is able to take on long missions without the need for air. In total, she can navigate immersed for up to 90 days.

    The ship’s arrival comes after Putin banned Boris Johnson and several other cabinet members from entering Russia. A kind of provocation to which the United Kingdom responded with the transfer of naval forces. Bold cannot enter the Black Sea, given the closure of the Dardanelles, but could threaten the Russian base in Syria in Latakia.

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