Home Top News The United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand toward a new alliance?

The United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand toward a new alliance?

The United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand toward a new alliance?

The United kingdom A new alliance can be formed with CanadaAnd the Australia H new Zeland To create the third largest army in the world. is called KanzookOne of the Anglo-Saxon acronyms for the countries concerned is this recovery of relations with the Dominion that London can apply, also from an economic and commercial point of view.

Supporters of the proposal believe the assembly will be strengthenedEconomie And the defense UK national law and according to the agreements, the four countries will also agree to free trade in goods and free movement of people within Canzuk.

This means that citizens of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom can enjoy the right to live and work in their other three countries and vice versa without any particular bureaucratic complications.

But the most interesting part is in the military sphere: the four countries will also agree to close cooperation in the areas of foreign and defense policy.

Kanzook International, A group formerly known as Commonwealth Freedom of Movement, Is an international non-profit organization that aims to achieve free movement of citizens, free trade agreements and cooperation in foreign policy between the four countries already mentioned by drafting a diplomatic alliance proposal. Its CEO and founder, James Skinner, Talking to Express.co.uk He said that the new union would immediately become the third most powerful military power in the world after only the United States and China.

In particular, he said, “The total military spending of these countries will be around $ 110 billion, making it the third largest country in the world.”

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This would provide “an important deterrent against hostile states like China, Iran and North Korea, both in terms of physical military capabilities but also in terms of cybersecurity.”

The UK is already a close ally of Australia, Canada and New Zealand and their armies cooperate regularly.

In the past few months, London in particular has worked closely with Canberra and Ottawa on the situation Hong Kong The three countries made joint statements.

Skinner then wanted to emphasize that Canzuk would not be a way to replicate a copyEuropean Union, Which the UK recently abandoned with Brixi.

In particular, he explained, “It will be very different from the structure of the European Union. So, for example, where the European Union has embarked on the path of having a European Parliament, the European Union Commission, a central currency, or a central judicial system, Kanzuk will not expect anything like that. ” Consequently, “these countries will act as independent, sovereign states on the international stage, working together for initiatives such as trade, the movement of people, and foreign policy.”

A survey by the private firm Skinner found that freedom of movement between the four countries was supported by 82% of New Zealanders, 76% of Canadians, 73% of Australians, and 68% of the British.

The proposal was welcomed by Erin O’Toole, the leader of the Canadian opposition, and became part of the official program of the Canadian Conservative Party.

The reasons for this alliance are that the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have a similar economic level, a common language and a culture to a large extent.

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Skinner noted that, unlike the European Union, Kanzuk would be cautious about expanding further and would only do so after public referendums: a (involuntary) lesson carefully taught through the British experience in the European Union.

We do not know how British policy received the proposal: London is currently pursuing its proposal Global career In an effort to give a boost to activism in foreign policy, which he manages mainly with his own line independently. The United Kingdom has already embraced a concept ‘Global Britain’That is, after Britain’s exit from the European Union, to make sure of a return to being an open, inclusive and external world power, to play a leading role on the world stage. To achieve this, “Global Britain” requires rethinking UK relations around the world in a way that supports “free trade and the rules-based international order” and using its soft power to display its values ​​and advance its interests.

Global Britain requires London to engage more in the region Asia and the PacificWhich is likely to become even more important to Britain in the coming years. Moreover, even outside the canal, they realized that the axis of the global economy had long moved toward Asia and especially towards the seas around it, with tens and tens of billions of dollars of goods passing through each year.

So Canzuk could be a way to get more involved in the other hemisphere, thanks to ties with Australia and New Zealand, but we believe that the UK is unlikely to be willing to negotiate with its partners when it comes to making decisions about its foreign policy or, more than that. , Those related to defense (for example for a particularly costly development program such as Storm Hunting). Then there is a risk, not by any means secondary, for London to act as it did with the sovereign states, or by centralizing some particularly “sensitive” decisions.

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Nevertheless, it would be interesting to see whether the proposal would be accepted by politics in the four countries: the possibility of pooling resources for the armed forces and increasing coordination on a global scale could prove succulent in this historical period where “states have military or limited resources,” It faces competition and hostility from giant state entities like China.

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