The UK wants to develop its own ChatGPT

    The UK wants to develop its own ChatGPT

    gpt chat, which is currently inaccessible from Italy, was developed by the US OpenAI. Same goes for Google Bard and Bing Chat. the United kingdom You want to achieve “sovereignty” in the sector, so you decided to invest the first 100 million pounds for a team to developartificial intelligence safe and reliable by 2030.

    UK AI funds

    Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Minister of State for Technology Michelle Donnellan announced the… Team incorporation form which he will have the task of developing Safe and reliable AI models To enable the UK to compete with other countries in this emerging sector.

    The British government expects AI to help increase GDP through services provided to citizens, such as healthcare and school education. The goal is to build models and applications that don’t rely on third-country technologies, such as OpenAI’s GPT-4.

    The former is assigned to the working group 100 million pounds, or part of the £900m invested in artificial intelligence research and the creation of a new ‘exascale’ supercomputer. The first pilot projects targeting public services are expected to be launched in the next six months.

    So the UK has failed to heed the advice of some experts who hope to halt the development of AI models for at least six months. Generative AI can actually exhibit unpredictable behaviors, known as hallucinations. At the moment there are no models that are 100% safe and reliable.

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