The UK is considering deploying Challenger 2 tanks to Poland

    The UK is considering deploying Challenger 2 tanks to Poland

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the London government is considering sending a number of Challenger 2 tanks to Poland to support the Warsaw Army.

    Indeed, the Polish government has decided to send T-72 tanks and their derivatives to Ukraine or is already in the process of doing so to support the Kyiv Army’s operations aimed at countering Russian aggression.

    Therefore, Warsaw was going to announce at NATO headquarters and in direct talks that it would need cover, given that it is on the border of Belarus where powerful Russian military units are stationed and the Belarusian authorities have repeatedly threatened Poland.

    As is known, starting next fall, Warsaw will receive 250 newly built M1A2 SEPv3 tanks and 28 Abrams tanks directly from the United States as a “buffer” measure and to allow crews and technical personnel to quickly identify the new powerful North American tank.

    Therefore, the British move will be read as temporary and aimed at securing Poland as it fires heavy weapons into Ukraine and begins moving the main tank line.

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