The ugliest Ryan Reynolds movie will have a sequel

    The ugliest Ryan Reynolds movie will have a sequel

    RIPD – cops from abroada 2013 feature film directed by Robert Schwenteke, is one of the films The most critical of Ryan Reynolds’ career. The business was a box office failure and the negative results of this production are still visible rotten tomatoes: In the famous site that collects the average votes of critics and audiences in percentages, RIPD-Poliziotti dall’aldilĂ  received only 12%.

    Despite this negative image, a sequel to the film, titled RIPD 2: Rise cursed. There was no official announcement from Universal Pictures, the original production company.



    as summarizes does not depend onNews of the sequel appeared because in the United States RIPD 2: Rise cursed It is already rated on the list of films prohibited to unaccompanied children under 13 (this is the rating known as PG-13, MPAA rating category, Motion Picture Association of America).

    In a well-known database site IMDbRIPD 2 is already listed and the news is important: lAustralian Paul Leyden is being directed and neither Reynolds nor his stage partner Bridges will be on the cast. Interpreters Nick Walker and Roy Pulsipher, and police officers will be replaced in the special Celestial Department “Rest in Peace,” the name of Peter M. Linkoff’s graphic novel from which the film was inspired. In their place are Richard Fleischman and Jake Choi, flanked by Jeffrey Donovan. According to IMDb, filming for the movie has already ended; However, there is no news about the plot, roles and script.

    If everything is muted at the moment on the part of the production and actors, the selection seems to be starting from scratch for the RIPD sequel – Cops from the Afterlife. An understandable commercial operation, even if you look at Reynolds’ career, now linked to other cinematic prospects like Deadpool, the next hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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