The U20 team smiles thanks to Matoshi’s goal

    The U20 team smiles thanks to Matoshi’s goal

    In Bellinzona town hall, young red crosses outnumber Australia by as much. Massimo Rizzo: The immediate advantage made us lose our bearings

    With no internationals since September, the under-20 Swiss national team returned to chewing football as Castelli beat their Australian counterparts 1-0. And the Comunale, filled with every arrangement of seats in the amphitheater with the distinctive garnet-coloured jackets of the boys from the local youth sector, but not only, let out its first cry of joy a few minutes later: an excellent combination between Muci (his most proactive) and home favorite samba allowed Matoshi to field the ball nell’angolino. Then the center of gravity shifted towards the Spycher… The Socceroos evaded the Swiss defense on several occasions, but without making a fuss. Indeed, in the half hour, the team coached by Rizzo responded to the Australian initiative by threatening to re-emerge into the attacking phase. The only drawback, a little clarity. Then the two teams returned to the field to the tune of “We want this win” sung by the fans of the local team. And perhaps thanks to the presence of some talented scouts (or perhaps the climate has returned to winter), recovery immediately proved more difficult; At first the black and white appeared again, on loan to Lowell and Mochi then Samba and finally Speicher. To admire his back with a retrieval hand. And so the Yverdon goalkeeper let in the many children who flocked to Town Hall to celebrate the victory.

    The Swiss national team showed high quality, but something still needs to be improved. “The goal made us lose our bearings a little,” explained the selector Massimo Rizzo. “Australia played better in the first few minutes, but we stayed in the game and managed to come back in half an hour. The changes actually changed the stalemate of the match and in the second half we created our chances.” The classic Italian result. “But the match was not prepared like this: we wanted to develop more football. We didn’t use the spaces well and the team showed some flaws in the ball, especially with the Australian pressure. It is necessary to improve in building from below and be more courageous.” The fact that many players have already experienced important phases, as was the case with Théo Magnin last weekend. The Genevan defender started the game with Lugano as a starter. “It already happened in the Swiss Cup, so it was easier to get into it. But obviously That I was excited about the opportunity. I’m happy and satisfied with the performance, but I think I can still improve.” The 19-year-old trained in Laconnex and showed aggression, intelligence and speed. ‘I always try my best to win minutes and sooner or later, I prove I feel myself in the first team.” The national team will return to the pitch on Tuesday in Odense against mighty Denmark. Definitely more of a physical challenge and maybe less technical.

    Switzerland-Australia (1-0) 1-0

    networks: 3 ‘Matoshi 1-0

    Swiss: Spycher, Lurvink, Wallner, Tsoungui (70′ Sawadogo), Magnin (45′ Ottiger), Okuka (70′ Rupp), Matoshi (80′ Fosso), Golliard (61′ Hunziker), Dos Santos (61′, Berdayes) Samba (70 minutes), Musi (61 minutes)

    Australia: Cook, Mauragis, Nieuwenhof (75′ Teague), Kuol (63′ Brook), Natta, Trewin, Peupion (63′ Botic), Jelacic (63′ Novello), D’Arrigo, Aquilina, Italian (75′ Velupillay)

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