The trick to recover deleted files in your smartphone: nothing is lost

    The trick to recover deleted files in your smartphone: nothing is lost

    Everyone deleted some important files by mistake, don’t worry! Here’s how to recover deleted files on a smartphone.

    With computers and smartphones, there are two styles at play Memory management Hence from the files inside the devices. There are those who focus on capacity from the start to provide more storage space and do not always have to think about what to delete, and there are those who do not care about this aspect because they are in the habit of deleting everything they think is now useless.

    Tricks to recover deleted files on smartphone and iPhone –

    Whether you belong to the first category of people or you belong to another, you must have deleted something from your phone and computer memory that you really shouldn’t have deleted. Today we are going to explain how you can fix this error on both smartphones with the operating system android (most widespread in the world) whether you are the owner iPhone. Obviously these are emergency measures and you should know that you have a time limit to fix the error which in any case is very long: about a month.

    How to recover deleted files from your smartphone or iPhone

    Let’s start with Android smartphones for now. The files on the phone that usually take up a lot of space are Pictures and videos. Those who usually take many photos and many videos use the computer as a repository for old photos and thus to make room for new ones. However, it can also happen that by scrolling through the files in memory we delete those images that we think are not worth keeping or those for various reasons that we do not want to keep.

    Deleted files do not stay forever, so it is not certain that you will be able to recover them –

    Even files we want to keep can accidentally end up in this selection process. To get it back, you need to go to the menu that opens when you scroll up and type in the search bar “my filesYou will see a folder with that name which you have to click on. Then click on Device Memory and from here choose the file type you want to recover, for example “Photos”. Once in the menu, activate the “Hidden Files” option and you will get all the photos that you recently deleted are inside a folder called “Thumbnails”.

    As for iPhones, you have to go to Safari and type in the search engine iCloud. Scroll up until you find 12 points and click on it; At this point, click on Data recovery and in this menu you can recover all deleted files as well as bookmarks and calendars. However, as mentioned earlier, you have a recovery time limit, after a month something deleted will be gone forever.

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