Home Economy The trick is to avoid beating the checking account

The trick is to avoid beating the checking account

The trick is to avoid beating the checking account

Heavy Economic crisis It was recorded last year due to the health emergency and strict restrictions imposed from the top, which led many account holders to “close the taps” and reduce unnecessary expenses. The tendency to accumulate money and increase the consistency of deposits, mainly due to strong uncertainties about the future, means that these assets have slowly eroded due to taxes imposed on them.

However, the accumulation of resources in the event of the upcoming difficulties has raised more than a few alarms among account holders, who are especially afraid of introducing new accounts. Taxes, And in particular the dreaded legacy, which he referred to strongly in Article 1 by Roberto Speranza in presenting his idea of ​​tax reform. A proposal that hides behind the shadow of former minister Vincenzo Visco, the “Dracula” tax of the Prodi government.

As mentioned, savings are severely affected by taxes imposed on them, which can slowly erode capital. The first and the most famous is definitelyTax fee, Is currently equal to 34.20 € every 12 months for individuals and 100 € per year for legal entities. This amount must be paid by each account holder who maintains an amount in excess of € 5,000 in their account. So it is imperative that the average annual inventory is below this figure to avoid having to pay the aforementioned tax. When referring to “average balance”, it is good to remember that we do not mean that of one checking account but rather all of the accounts and books of accounts that a taxpayer maintains in the same credit institution. In the event that, for example, the current account holder has two accounts of 3 thousand euros each in the same bank, then the limit will in any case be exceeded the maximum of 5 thousand euros: thus, stamp duty will be applied by the lender in both accounts. .

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So it is always recommended, where possible, that you have one Bank account-Just to avoid paying the same tax on multiple deposits. The alternative solution remains to open more accounts with different credit institutions, while making sure to keep the average annual balance below 5,000 euros. In this case, administration costs should be kept under control, to avoid spending numbers that may exceed the same stamp duty in consistency.

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