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The tragic ending of “Maggie Millions” – Il Tempo

The tragic ending of

Money does not bring happiness, it is appropriate to say that this time. A contrasting story with a tragic ending comes from Belfast in Northern Ireland, where 56-year-old Margaret Luggery is found dead in her home. The woman won less than £27m in 2013, but this incredible stroke of luck didn’t change her life for the better. exactly the contrary.

“If there was a hell, I was there. I regret winning the lottery. I was a happy person before but winning ruined my life,” declared “Maggie Millions,” that is the nickname the sad millionaire was famous for. Ms. Loverey won the jackpot after matching five numbers and two stars She was lucky in the EuroMillions raffle in November 2013, winning £26,863,588. She is said to have bought that ‘magic’ ticket on her way back from the job office she had gone to to seek work, while surviving on a subsidy of just £58 a week.

After the huge win, he invested part of his fortune in a bungalow, a former tavern and mill turned entertainment center – and donated at least half of his profits to charity. But she has always described her wealthy life as “horrific”. Because she was a single woman: no children, no husband, she left four brothers and a sister. Before her tragic end, Margaret kept repeating that “there is no use gaining 27 million pounds and being alone. This cannot make me happy, it can only make me happy that everyone is happy and so far everyone is completely happy.”

A few months after the victory, the woman began to suffer from health problems and alcoholism. She was then convicted of assaulting a taxi driver and sentenced to 150 hours of community service. Yesterday the police found her dead at her home in Belfast. The woman was inside the 125,000-pound tiny house she continued to live in even after winning the huge win.

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