The touching memory of Andrea Muscio, who died tragically in Australia

    The touching memory of Andrea Muscio, who died tragically in Australia

    Many people, including relatives, friends, young surfers, assistant swimmers of the Presidency of Civil Protection in Marina di Ragusa, and representatives of the municipal administration, were present this morning in Piazza Dojana at a ceremony promoted to remember Ragusan Andrea Mocchio who tragically died last weeks in Australia, a young man who spent several summers in the ranks of the lifeguard group.

    A very touching ceremony which saw the gathering next to a picture of Andrea surrounded by flowers, parents, Mayor Pepe Cassie, Civil Protection Counsellor Giovanni Iacuno, Counselor of Eugenia Spata Villages, a group of swimmers’ assistants at the Presidium Marina di Ragusa with colorful tables pointing to the sky and several friends.

    The Ragusan community joins the pain of Andrea’s family and today they remember her – Mayor Baby Cassie said – With this ceremony witnessing the presence of many people who knew and loved him.”

    After standing for a minute’s silence in honor of the young man’s memory, the Marina Presidium’s swimmers’ aides who promoted the initiative, with their surfboards, descended into the water with a wreath. that was transported to the sea. The same thing, they circled themselves around the crown, like an old custom in Australia to remember surfers who had disappeared into the sea, and splashed water into the air in order to honor memory their lost friend.


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