The title is the United States, the Great Japan silver

    The title is the United States, the Great Japan silver

    Surprisingly, the United States won the gold medal at the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championships, held on Korean ice in Gangneung. Clear score 8-2 In the final, Corey Theis and Corey Dropkin dominated the other tournament, the Japanese pair formed Chiaki Matsumura and Yasumasa Taneda.

    For the country of stars and stripes, this is the first success in history in this form after two third places in 2019 in Norway and in 2016 in Sweden, but for Japan itself it is the first medal at the world level. The Americans dominated the first half, thanks to two-point hands first with the opponent’s short stone and then an accurate shot by Corey Theis, which allowed the future world champions to take such a coveted advantage over the Japanese pair. The decisive moment to close the matches just after the break, with the Japanese poised to exploit potential strength to shorten the distance, before taunting and conceding the stolen hand by one point.

    In the seventh end, a refusal to skip the American guarantees a two-point lead and the gold medal with an end to spare. In the final match for third place Norway won easily 6-2 against Canada, among the many teams disappointed by this World Cup, including Italy already out of contention in the group, finished sixth only by the newly minted pair Formed by Stefania Constantini and Amos Msaner.

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