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The three forms that give the right to disability

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Migraines and different types of headaches can be included among the illnesses that can provide a disability benefit. We are moving towards a special law.

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Not everyone knows this, but the disability allowances granted for diseases recognized by the World Health Organization are different. It relates to certain pathological forms which, often, We are not considered to be included in any facility. This is the case, for example, of migraines and headaches, recurrent diseases rather than recognized by the World Health Organization among the diseases that give entitlement allowance. Not to mention that the people who suffer from it are mostly young people, including the age group between 25 and 50 years. In particular, these are women’s topics.

This is a check equal to 280 euros per month for the taxpayers who will apply. Both headaches and migraines can be included in the list of disabling diseases, provided that they are of certain forms, falling into the categories indicated by the World Health Organization. Obviously it must be a chronic symptom, Able to compromise on normal daily tasks, workers and non-workers. As for migraines and headaches, there are three of them that fall under the WHO category.

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Migraine and headache: the three forms of disability recognized by the World Health Organization

As mentioned, it is a check for €280, given to those who suffer from three specific types of migraine or headache. These are diseases that cause serious problems with the functioning of the individual and which, often, even after intensive courses of treatment, continue to retain problems. for headaches, It is, for example, the chronic paroxysmal form, or to infect sufferers with it daily, causing nerve pain, redness of the eyes and frequent tears. For some people, it is necessary to take analgesics almost daily.

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In support of this, the bill proposes “Provisions for the recognition of chronic primary headache as a social disease AC 684 and ABB.” Interventions. It’s actually an attempt to legislate on this, including migraines and different headache types In the context of social disability diseases الإعاقة more comprehensively. Nowadays, we are also talking about chronic primary headaches, because they are very restrictive both in the workplace and outside of it. An important step forward, as it will include the millions of people who suffer from these particular diseases. we will see.

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