“The third dose, immunity is good after 3 months” / Shahar (Israeli Vaccine Director): “It will continue…”

    “The third dose, immunity is good after 3 months” / Shahar (Israeli Vaccine Director): “It will continue…”

    Arnon Shahar, who is responsible for the Israeli vaccine plan, spoke live on “Beyond the Facts”, broadcast by TgCom 24 where he shared an audio-visual link, talking about the third dose of an anti-Covid serum. We started vaccinating above 70Health workers and the most vulnerable, who remain the most protected and sick – Confirmed -. We’ve seen a decrease in disease and we’ve moved forward with it, because we’ve highlighted this data that you’re now monitoring in Italy as well. Retrieval is the necessary thing that has saved thousands of people.”.

    Shahar pointed out that in Israel, three and a half months have passed since a booster dose of the vaccine was given.We are not seeing a decrease in this immunity: Let’s hope it continues this way. We still don’t know how long it will last, and it’s up to us to watch day after day and week after week.”.

    Arnon Shahar: “Covid is an avoidable disease, even children must be protected”

    In the rest of the interview published in front of TgCom 24 cameras, Arnon Shahar noted that in Israel Commitment is never listed for any age group, like “I don’t think compliance is the right answer. Those who belong to only three occupational groups should be asked to get vaccinated: health workers, law enforcement agencies, and teachers/school staff”.

    Next, the announcement: Israel will start giving children the coronavirus vaccine on Tuesday. This is because of the fact that “Covid is a preventable disease, and even if it passes quietly among children, they can still catch it Long Covid And then we have to protect the rest of the population as well. We can prevent vaccine problems. We are now in the fourth wave and 90% of current positives are either not vaccinated or not receiving the booster dose. As clinicians, we can only speak with numbers and scientific evidence: When medicine is able to avert disease and stop infection, we choose to move forward with science”.

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