The Supreme Court will vote to abolish the right to abortion –

    The Supreme Court will vote to abolish the right to abortion -
    from Giuseppe Sarsena, Washington reporter

    Politico has published a first draft of a majority opinion written by conservative judge Samuel Alito.

    there The United States Supreme Court would be willing to overturn the Roe v. Wade, who since 1973 has guaranteed the right to abortion For all American women. On Monday evening, May 3, Politico published a draft of the opinion written by Judge Samuel Alito. It is a temporary document that, in theory, can change in a few weeks, when the official sentence of nine judgesfor months engaged in the study of the law that was approved in 2018 by the state of Mississippi.

    But the general impression, whether among supporters or opponents, is that Alito Trail will be in the end subscriber by five conservative judges, which of Court majority. The block includes, in addition to Alito himself, Judges Thomas Clarence, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Connie Barrett. The last three gowns were named by Donald Trump. If confirmed in these terms, the Supreme Court ruling will be one mark Historic turning pointdestined to last through the years.

    The most immediate practical result is that Termination of pregnancy May become legislative issue subordinate individual countries. Today there are actually 22 states that have adopted very restrictive legislation, such as
    and recently
    . Four other countries are ready to follow suit. women will remain freedom of choice In the liberal states on both coasts, from California to New York. Thus, the most likely scenario is that The country is more divided.

    The Supreme Court began last fall of the constitutional suit brought by Jackson Women’s Health Organization Against a law passed by the Republican-controlled Mississippi Parliament in 2018. The law bans Having an abortion after the fifteenth week of pregnancy. Wholesale family planning v. Casey 1972 It proves, instead, that abortion is feasible until the fetus becomes self-sufficient, that is, until recently seven months
    from pregnancy. Opinion same It is very dry:Wholesale Rowe was born vs. Wade wrong“.

    The judge objects to the legal establishment of the right to choose in Fourteenth Amendment From the US Constitution, which guarantees American citizens Political and civil liberties. But the Fourteenth Amendment was introduced at the age of (1868 .). so) in which abortion was not even discussed,” Alito writes. So, according to the judge, there is no reason for that Guarantee throughout the Federal Territory preference On the topic of pregnancy. The issue “must go back to the individual states.” Argument already has yesterday evening inflamed Fighting. From here to the final sentence, the question of abortion will remain in the political discussionin a year midterm political electionsscheduled to be held in November.

    May 3, 2022 (change on May 3, 2022 | 06:03)

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