The staff of the National Youth Teams has been officially appointed

    The staff of the National Youth Teams has been officially appointed

    Rome-over the last Federal Council Personnel who will follow the National Youth Teams for the intense 2023 season have been approved.

    Indeed, after the magical 2022 tournament, which saw Italy claim eight gold medals at youth level, from the U17 Women’s European Championship to the Men’s U20 European Championship, passing through the first places obtained in the EYOF, the blue representatives are preparing To be heroes again. Here are the details of the Azzurri squad for the 2023 season:

    under 21 men

    Matteo Patocchio – Senior Coach

    Niccolo Zanni – the second coach

    Francesco Mattioli – Assistant Coach

    Pietro Monerati – sports coach

    Saverio Di Lascio – Scout

    Valentina Torres – Team Manager

    men under 19

    Michel Zanin – Senior Coach

    Moreno Travaglia – Second Coach

    Lorenzo Botaro – Assistant Coach

    Marco Cicacchi – Sports Coach

    Annalisa Pinto – Boy Scouts

    Enrico Sisamore – Team Manager

    under 17 men

    Monica Christa – Senior Coach

    Giovanni Peretti – the second coach

    Matteo Antonucci – Assistant Coach

    Glauco Ranocchi – sports coach

    Marco Donnarumma – Scout

    Gloucco Ranucci – Team Manager

    Women under 21 years old

    Marco Mincarelli – Senior Coach

    Gaetano Gagliardi – the second coach

    Giancarlo Chiricella – Assistant Coach

    Tommaso Magnani – sports coach

    Lorenzo Libero – Scout

    Elena Colombo – Team Manager

    Under 19 women

    Michel Fanny – Senior Coach

    Matteo Dall’Angelo – the second coach

    Lorenzo Abbiati – Assistant Coach

    David Partigiani – Sports Coach

    Roberto Menigolo – Scout

    Anna Insabella – Team Manager

    Women under 17

    Pascual Danielo – Senior Coach

    Oscar Magella – the second coach

    Giovanni Galliso – Assistant Coach

    Nadia Sentoni – Sports Coach

    Alberto Salamasso – Scout

    Julia Pisani – Team Manager

    National Staff of Young Men’s Health

    the doctors: Roberto Vanicelli, Jonathan Morales, Lucio D’Antonio, Filippo Ferrari, Antongiulio Di Noto, Lorenzo Jobin, Simone Paltrinieri.

    Physiotherapists: Francesco Pitalico, Cristian Paganelli, Maira Di Vagno, Simone Cinelli, Mattia Cordinos, Claudio Morelli, Stefano Di Sesto.

    National youth health staff for women-

    the doctors: Mauro Videl, Alessandra Favoretti, Luca Monestere, Francesca Vacchini, Marco Atanasio, Lorenzo Magoni, Caterina Owen Albizini, Matteo Saladini, Anna Vess, Gabrielle Thebat.

    Physiotherapists: Sandro Gennari, Pierfrancesco Gennari, Mattia Zabala, Virginia Braghieri, Roberto Cinelli.

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