The sports center has 2.5 million euros of NRP. “The project was already ready”

     The sports center has 2.5 million euros of NRP.

    Not just a sporty polo, but so much more. A park, a place that welcomes families with children, an ideal place for walking and connecting two districts of the city with a high population density, Villashiavice and Sant’Egidio. This is the future multifunctional center of the city of Villacijevic, which is included in the ‘Sports City Cesena’ itinerary, which will soon be affected by an ambitious €2.5 million-funded structural expansion and redevelopment project drawn from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, which must take place. The addition of approximately 200 thousand euros from the “Italy City Sign”, related to the design, and 1.1 million euros made available by the municipal administration, for a total of 3.8 million euros.

    “We are able to bring that result home because we were away – Mayor Enzo Latoca explains – knowing that PNRR times were going to be very tight, we decided to go ahead and start designing. So when it came time for Pnrr’s call, we already had the project and didn’t have to We have to do races or miracles to stay on schedule. In July, we won the bid for Villachiaviche Sports Center and by the spring of 2023 we should already be able to outsource the work to a company that would have three years to complete it. If we didn’t already have the project, it wouldn’t be possible to commission Building work by spring and so contributions from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan have all but disappeared. We had to have it ahead of schedule. Now we find ourselves with a job that satisfies us and has the money to do it.”

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    The area – which now includes its sports grounds hosting three sports clubs: Rumagna Calcio, Elephas Cesena Baseball and Automodellismo – will be equipped with a timber-grown garden (about one hectare), with about 350 tall native plants and two thousand square meters of flowery meadow. The design responds to the sustainable goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, in particular those related to increasing biodiversity and improving air quality, also through the presence of pollinating insects. Within the area, where a soccer field, baseball field and a model car track currently coexist, sports facilities and children’s playgrounds, always designed with dunes of natural grass, were planned in order to create a direct relationship between man and nature.

    In the center of the area, instead (behind the existing grandstand), a building will be built in line with the football field, in order to serve all the external areas synergistically. The project’s new service center will host multifunctional spaces (25 x 15m multi-purpose court for futsal, volleyball, and mini basketball; gymnasium; a bar with indoor and outdoor functions), 4 changing rooms for athletes and 2 rooms for coaches. Inside the building there will also be a lounge, administrative offices, with an indoor and outdoor reception. On the first floor, above the body of the changing rooms, there will be a gymnasium, visible from the entrance hall, and also accessible from the stadium. An outdoor 7-player soccer field and a multi-purpose outdoor basketball and volleyball court will also be built. To the east, the existing 11-team soccer field, model car track, and baseball field will be preserved. There is also a bicycle parking lot and two small pools of water for the summer.

    “Now we miss agreements with sports clubs to better define the details of the new structures – the sports consultant, as well as the deputy mayor Cristian Castori continues – and then we move on to the construction phase. It will become the first sports center for the new generation. A multifunctional sports center will also serve as a meeting place where it takes Parents have their children to exercise but can leave them there even half an hour before or after training because there will always be someone to welcome them safely into a comfortable and functional environment where they can, perhaps, do homework.”

    The arrival of 2.5 million euros to support the redevelopment of the Velashajevic Sports Center follows the funding of 4 million euros allocated by the Ministry for the Sports Center for Athletics at the Hippodrome which will become one of the most at the forefront of the country and a reference point for triathlon that will host training activities for teams at national level here.

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