The son writes to the governor “Father, please stop the anti-trans law” –

    The son writes to the governor “Father, please stop the anti-trans law” –

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    New York – while too Montana is considering passing a new law that would limit the rights of transgender peopleThere is a “lobbyist” with special access to the state’s Republican governor, Greg Gianforte. David Gianforte, who identifies as a non-binary person (both the pronouns “he” and “they” are used) He asked his father to reject the proposed laws “Immoral and unfair” sponsored by the Republicans.

    In an interview with Montana Free PressAnd David, 32, explains that he did He wrote a letter and then read it out loud to his fatherto explain it to him Restricting access to medical interventions for transmissionselect thegender identity as binary, Banning minors from drag shows and banning public school students from changing the “pronouns” they identify with without parental permission — measures that are gaining traction in the Montana Senate and House of Representatives — are “violation of human rights”.

    conservativewhich for Washington Post He seemed willing to support fellow Republicans and sign the law, and did not respond to the newspaper’s request for an interview, which obtained some of the emails the father and son exchanged. The governor wrote, “I would like to understand better what you think and what worries you. I love you.”.

    together with A push to ban young people’s access to transgenderism Transgender, there has been a strong focus on public school curricula, including how gender identity and sexuality are addressed. Drag queen shows appear in the eye of the storm for the first time. According to Gallup, 21% of Generation Z Americans (born between 1997 and 2003) identify as LGBTQ. The issue has become a political mobilization and fundraising tool for the right.

    Montana made headlines when Republican lawmakers voted to ban transgender Zoe Zephyr from entering the House of Representatives who has accused those who support “anti-LGBtq” bills of owning Hands “bloodied” (Now voting can only be done remotely). David Gianforte claims his father listened to him but also explained his reasons: he is Worried about his career and “realizing that in order to remain a ruler he must be well received in the party”.

    Support for such measures is a kind of “purity” test: those who do not take sides risk defeat in the primaries. In a recent letter to GOP representatives, the governor explained that he has spoken to transgender people (“their battles are real”), but added that this is not the case. It’s misleading to talk about “gender-affirming health interventions.”a term that reminds him of the “New Orwellian Language”.

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