The Simpsons meet Bocellis in Feliz Navidad, Disney + When

    The Simpsons meet the Bocellis in Feliz Navidad

    All previews of the short film in which the Bocelli family enters for the first time.

    The short film The Simpsons Meet the Bocellis in Feliz Navidad arrives exclusively on the Disney + platform. The product availability date is set for December 15, 2022.

    The Simpsons meet Bocellis in Velez Navidad

    the short filmThe Simpsons meet Bocellis in Velez Navidad It will be available exclusively on Disney+ starting December 15th.

    the family bocelli, Andrea and his son, Mateo, along with little Virginia, are increasingly becoming a cult in America. On the occasion of Christmas, he turns into a cartoon, and appears for the first time in the most famous animated series in the world, a series The Simpsons.

    Thus, one of the biggest TV successes in recent years pays homage to him contentInspired by his latest album “family birthday”. In it the artist sings with Mateo and little Virginia.

    in the loop Dedicated to the beloved series’ Christmas, Homer surprises Marge with the perfect gift. It’s an unforgettable performance from Italian opera star Andrea Bocelli singing one of the quintessential Christmas songs, along with little Matteo and Virginia.

    As it was published main art which provides a first look at the Bocelli family in The Simpsons.

    And simultaneously with the release of the short song, on December 15, Andrea, Matteo and Virginia Bocelli will also release the new single, “happy birthday” In a special edition featuring the Simpsons themselves, the same is shown in short filmsOr that will be available on all digital platforms.

    Who entered the world of animation before Bocelli

    The Simpsons meet Bocellis in Velez Navidad is the latest in a line of shorts based on “The Simpsons” created exclusively for Disney+.

    Before Bocellis, the “When I Met Billie” star (Emmy® nominee) had the honor of entering the world of animation on The Simpsons.

    But there have been many Disney+ shorts, incl Maggie Simpson in the Emmy®-nominated “The Force Awakens After Nap,” The Good, The Bart, The Loki, Star Wars, and Marvel-themed, respectively; The Simpsons Plusaversary is where Homer meets a host of unexpected characters. Then welcome to the club with Ursula from The Little Mermaid, sitting on a “flying” car next to little Lisa. All previously released shorts are currently available on Disney+.

    All this content and more is featured on “The Simpsons” set on the streaming platform: / franchise / i-simpson.

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