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The show at Cinisello Balsamo Boxing Night! – 2Out.it – ​​seconds out – the free sports magazine


Showed at the Cinisello Balsamo Boxing Night that took place on Saturday May 22nd at the Salvador Allende Sports Hall in Cinisello Balsamo, near Milan. Organized behind closed doors by Alessandro Cherchi’s Opi 82 SSD in collaboration with ASD Rocky Marciano of Elvis Bejko and the municipality of Cinisello Balsamo, the event was presented by Flaviano Calzolari. All matches were broadcast live on the Italian Boxing Federation’s You Tube channel and most importantly on Gazzetta.it with commentary by journalist Remo D’Acierno and former world featherweight champion Maurizio Stecca. In the opening match, lightweight Giuseppe Osnato made his professional debut after easily overtaking Serbian Dimitri Djordjevic on points during the four rounds. Osnato started hitting the opponent with single punches and then unleashed combos that almost always hit the mark. An easy win for Osnato who showed his excellent technical abilities. In the second confrontation, Francesco Russo, of his middleweight, took only two rounds to eliminate Nicolas Mancic. Russo returned to victory after an unexpected defeat and now his record is 9 wins, 7 ahead and 1 loss. The third challenge was in the middleweight category: Joshua Numma versus Serbian Eugenin Raukovic. The dominance of his sleep, which strikes the opponent with his will, who was able to respond, but not with the necessary continuity to question the result. At the end of the six rounds, the judges awarded Joshua Naumah who has now scored 10 straight wins, 3 ahead of the maximum. In the evening’s fourth match, the first live on Gazzetta.it, super weight Christian Cangelosi showed his technical qualities against Danilo Ciuci: an excellent left kick to the face, used often and effectively, dribbling, upper right of the chin, linking left to body, spectacular combos Cioce was not able to counter a valid counterattack. Maurizio Stecca’s comment is interesting, as he confirms that Cangelosi also trains in the US and that his skill is the result of training with good professionals who put him to the test. In the fifth round, Kangelosi’s dominance was evident and his victory was not in question. The sixth and final round is like the other rounds where Kangelosi hit Seuss at will and won points. This is the second professional victory for Christian Cangelosi who made his debut on December 15, 2019 in the Dominican Republic, beating Jose Manuel Saint Helier in three rounds. Cangelosi is under contract with Opi Since 82 and is formerly followed by IBF Super Lightweight and WBA Welterweight Champion Paul Malignaggi.

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At the end of this meeting, in an interview with Remo Dacereno, the Mayor of Chinisillo Samo Giacomo Gilardi declared: “Cincello Balsamo is ready to host great boxing. We are open to sport in general, we have many associations that offer a lot of good things in the daily life of the sport, and certainly take place. Wonderful events at home in Cincillo, Samo. “

The main event between rising featherweight star Vincenzo La Femina and former Italian bantamweight champion and superhero Emiliano Salvini confirmed the expectations. In the first three rounds, the 42-year-old Salvini stood up to the 26-year-old La Femina who surprised him and those who thought the match would be easy for La Femina. In the fourth inning, the two boxers began to exchange punches in the middle of the ring, and Salvini punched La Femina in the face, which he had not expected. “I wouldn’t put myself in front of Salvini to share comments – Maurizio Stica – I’d hit him and then move on.” Even at the end of the second half, La Femina pays off with a straightforward Salvini who reacts instantly. In the fifth round, La Femina increases speed and tune, but Salvini always responds. La Femina’s limit is to stop after throwing two or three punches, giving Salvini time to respond. In the sixth, seventh and eighth rounds the music does not change. In the eighth round, two duos from La Femina had Salvini drop the mouthguard who continues the counterattack until the last second, Vince on points with deserving Vincenzo La Femina, but also applause for Emiliano Salvini who confirmed himself and gave a good presentation to the fans who followed the match in the live broadcast. This is the eighth victory for Vincenzo La Femina in many matches (3 wins before the maximum). Among other things, the match between La Femina and Salvini marked the climax of views on FPI You Tube. “I don’t think it was a very difficult match – he said no to Femina – even if he was a very good Salvini. His great experience led me not to take decisive shots from the first round. Things went well, it was a good match. I let him work. Due to a huge technical gap, I wanted to respect her and I didn’t want to get angry. It was a match that made me mature. ”

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