Home entertainment The Shondaland Netflix series rips the bounce off straight

The Shondaland Netflix series rips the bounce off straight

The Shondaland Netflix series rips the bounce off straight

Illustration of an article titled iBridgerton from Shondaland / I Tear Off Immediately

Photo: Liam Daniel / Netflix

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Dear Sirs, What do you think? In the picturesque world of Regency-era opulence, England is here Bridgerton, The new social season is about to start in earnest. Since I, Lady Weseldon, will be faithfully portraying in my popular scandal newspaper, all eligible young Londoners are about to be brought to court in the hope of grabbing the Queen’s favor before setting out to swim among a sea of ​​suitors. . Of course, the diamond of this year’s season is Phoebe Dynevor, porcelain-skinned, light brown-haired, the first of her family’s four daughters to come forward, whose romantic exploits will undoubtedly take a lot of my reporting this season. (I also heard that the Queen’s husband, shall we say, has been under a lot of pressure lately, and very upset after losing colonies several seasons ago.)

What is this then? A peremptory letter from House Of Netflix with a seemingly endless list of narrative items I am prohibited from passing on to you, dear readers? This seems unfair. Without these personality developments, I’m at a loss for what I’m supposed to describe next: the elaborate period dress? Cascading flowers? Steamy in stark scenes that would make Jane Austen go crimson from head to slippers?

It seems safe to reveal that the most important thing in Daphne this season will be Simon, Duke Of Hastings (Regé-Jean Page). After an unfortunate altercation with an obnoxious suitor, Daphne realizes she can use the Duke to win the support of other young people by making herself appear more desirable. For the Duke, flirting with Daphne (upright and otherwise) would eliminate the almost constant harassment he receives from other London women and their mercenary mothers. See, dear duke, he has pledged never to marry. Why, I don’t have the freedom to tell you. But you don’t need extensive knowledge of the shared, sweet narrative full of blocking-ripping contents, to predict that Daphne and Simon will gradually approach through their complementary trick, and that this marital barrier will only add to all kinds of relationship obstacles. For the husband.

Fortunately, Daphne comes from a large family: All of Bridgerton’s children are cunningly named alphabetically, so our young maid has three older siblings who have romantic issues of their own. Sadly, I’m unable to tell you about them either, just that the Viscount, Anthony (Jonathan Bailey), has high relationship standards that he longs to achieve. After that, second-born Benedict (Luke Thompson) is able to explore more gentle pursuits at parties that Mrs. Wesleydon herself will never darken her door, I assure you – no, not even to collect all the gossip that stops the heart! Coleen (Luke Newton), third in the line, is a bit more perfect, however – blow this list off! Daphne’s sister, Elois (Claudia Jessie) is more interested in revealing my true identity than with the fact that next season will be the one to be brought to court – but even though she’s so smart, never afraid, I will keep my driving secret away from her intruder exercises.

Golda Rocheville as Queen Charlotte

Golda Rocheville as Queen Charlotte
Photo: Liam Daniel / Netflix

The Bridgertons’ less-liked counterparts are their neighbors, the Featheringtons, who I regret to report that their three daughters were outdone by Daphne as Diamonds from the First Water. But that won’t stop Mrs. Featherington (Polly Walker) from pushing for the best matches possible for her girls; Remember strongly Certain arrogant mothers from some noteworthy historical volumes. But things take a turn when– oh dear, I’m afraid I can’t keep going either.

Dear Sirs, I think the real mystery here – more than my true identity – is what does House Of Netflix have to hide with this long list of verboten plot points? Don’t they realize that this chain of events follows stories already told in the form of books printed by writer Julia Quinn so that these “spoilers”, as they refer to them, are available to anyone with a strange tool from Google? Would they think that a nation starving for new entertainment, especially one that comes from the so-called Shondaland in their first effort at their new product home, would be unlikely to see them Bridgerton If they knew about one of Daphne’s other suitors, for example? I have seen a lot at the other end of the scam newspaper, loyal readers, but here I must say I am uncharacteristically at a loss for words.

Illustration of an article titled iBridgerton from Shondaland / I Tear Off Immediately

Photo: Nick Briggs / Netflix

Let’s go back anxiously then to the ripped bras – the breeches, petticoats, the gowns, etc. Medical staff who are set in Shondaland’s previous exploits They were at the mercy of the Guardians of Virtue cruelly, here, without such restrictions, Bridgerton’s fans could go on anytime and anywhere they saw fit: in a boxing match, in the rain in the gazebo, directly on a swirl of ladder. I don’t mind telling you, dear readers, that these near-naked endeavors have sent my hands flying into pearls on more than one occasion … then hurry to the next chapter.

Like my scam newspaper, Bridgerton He has a soapy and convincing way about it. Although I highly value myself (for obvious reasons), I will never hesitate to consider my writing great literature, and I doubt I will keep Bridgerton Show their stories this way, too. However, people are running towards my creative directors, and I suspect their viewers Bridgerton You will probably do the same. Then all the secrets will be revealed anyway, leaving the rest of us just to wonder what an excessive caution about plot developments in the first place – right, dear?

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