The secret of the man who fell from a plane flying over the United States

    The secret of the man who fell from a plane flying over the United States

    how did he die Charles Hugh Crooksa 23-year-old American pilot based in North Carolina He fell from a plane while in the middle of the flight? The boy’s tragic ending remains shrouded in mystery.

    Friday 29 July C-212 . housea small aircraft that can carry a maximum of ten people, used in both the civil and military sectors, and made an emergency landing at an airport Durham Raleigh.

    On board the pilot was so slightly injured that he was already discharged from the hospital in the evening. From co-pilot Charles Hugh Crooks, who was present inside the plane at the time of take-off, there was no trace.

    Then the body of the young pilot was found lifeless Fuquay Farinaa location in North Carolina less than thirty miles from Raleigh-Durham Airport.

    CASA C-212 Mystery: What Happened to Charles Hugh Crooks?

    Examination of the body does not seem to leave room for doubt: It is alleged that Charles Hugh Crooks died as a result of falling from a flying plane. According to local media, the young driver was going out without umbrella From the plane.

    From the first rebuilds, the aircraft appears to have lost the right wheel of the main landing gear. But what happened next is still unclear and remains shrouded in mystery.

    Around Advising the commander of the air brigade Carlo Landiwho explained how Charles Hugh Crooks”He may have moved to check if there is a malfunction“.

    to US officials The boy may fall or jump from the plane. Whoever still does not find peace is the father of the young driver who died in such a strange way: “We don’t know exactly what happened, but we’ll find out“.

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