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The second dose in the heart of summer, a spurt of cancellation due to the holidays. Updates »ILMETEO.it


AstraZeneca vaccine: second dose in the heart of summer, holiday cancellations boom. Updates

Booming summer cancellations of second vaccine withdrawalsBooming summer cancellations of second vaccine withdrawalsFor those who received the vaccination in April, especially between the second and third decade AstraZeneca Vaccine Booster Expected in Property, Roughly between July and August. Even those who got vaccinated in June will face “the risk” of being called up in the middle of August.

This means, as reported by the newspaper as well RepublicAnd the Forcing a person to stay in the city in extreme heat to complete the course vaccination Or worse, seeing deadlines missed with the risk of the vaccination campaign slowing down just as the most fragile deadlines are about to end. For this reason a Cancellation boom.
Staff of the Special Commissioner for Emergency Francesco Paolo Figliolo is Completely Aware of the unknown summer. “We do not ignore this danger at all, but a possible solution will be coordinated with the Ministry of Health. Our priority remains to protect the vulnerable and the elderly, and we will address any problems.” The general said.

In short, the reservation algorithm must also take this into account and take that into account in many cases Do not delay the second injection After certain times. Vaccinations will not be suspended on holidays. Cards in hand, we must find a way for that Don’t be discouraged by the boom in your vaccination campaign It brought in 45 million vials by June (double those received from December to March). “General Figliolo and Engineer Corsio reassured me about that date which is the end of June to vaccinate all people over the age of 60, a goal that will allow us to relax more because we will not have ICUs and COVID blockages.”, Ensures Chairman Anci and Mayor Barry Antonio Decaro.

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In any case, the campaign continues at a somewhat erratic pace. By early May The greedy share must be reached 500 thousand doses per day. Not only that, the problem of stocks also appears to be resolved, as it runs out in several areas and is essential for the second dose.

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