The Riot Riders present themselves at Ciapa la Moto

    The Riot Riders present themselves at Ciapa la Moto

    Saturday, March 26, at 8 pm, at the headquarters at Via Gardone 22 in Milan, the Italian two-wheeled team will present pilots and 2022 activities, including the Growth Project for Athletes of Tomorrow

    Luca Friggio

    Freestyle motocross is a system that leaves anyone watching it speechless: professional riders shoot their bikes down steep slopes to tackle challenging developments at a height of over 10 metres. A sport that is widely practiced in the United States, but also on the peninsula we have great talent ready to impress fans from all over the world. Born in 2020, the Riot Riders team was founded by eight riders from all over Italy (Andrea Buff, Alessio Ponta, James Trincucci, Luca Bertola, Matteo Potion, David Zellio, Davide Rossi and Leonardo Fini): this year’s activities are scheduled there. Many, and to open the 2022 season, the whole squad is waiting for you at 8.00pm in Ciapa la Moto (on Via Gardone 22 in Milan) to introduce themselves and make you live an adrenaline-filled Saturday evening.

    Italian freedom

    During the evening, in addition to introducing themselves and demonstrating a hard physical and mental readiness to take on the sport, the riders will juggle some “slight” development with motocross bikes to make the current dream come true. Among the latest innovations is the launch of a new freestyle school to bring anyone intrigued into this world: “The goal is to allow motorcyclists of all levels – beginners and non-beginners – to approach this adrenaline sport in complete safety. The number one reason that allows fans to continue training and in its absence stops Lots To do this, we organize open teaching days for boys and girls of all ages Participants will be able to experience the first approach to the slopes by our side A unique experience in which we professionals will also explain how to face our fears and insecurities during competitions and training An opportunity to learn about a new sport for those who They have never practiced it or an opportunity to improve themselves for those who already know what free motocross means.”

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