Home Tech The ring always flies the home camera inside your house

The ring always flies the home camera inside your house

The ring always flies the home camera inside your house

Technical product launch In 2020, there is some sort of prospective collision that makes it much more difficult than usual to decide whether or not you really are need to Thing.

There is a consideration of whether the tool will fit your life now, at a time when our needs have changed drastically. There’s also the fact that most of the products launched this year were her dream in 2019 or earlier. At the time, tech companies had a different vision of the future, or at least different ideas of what “lifestyle” images would look like in their product marketing kits for 2020. We all did.

Do you need a drone for autonomous surveillance inside your home? At this point I will say no. However, about fourteen months ago, someone – or someone – in Amazon Write a futuristic press release for a multi-camera drone flying from room to room in your home, watching your dwelling from above.

It was the drone Announce today At Amazon’s annual hardware event, it’s usually a speedy release of new Echo products, Alexa updates, and the oddity of occasional devices, like a modern microwave. Unlike this year’s Amazon event being hypothetical, it was similar to previous years. There’s a new Echo ball-shaped speaker, and an Echo display with a rotating screen. But it was the drone that stole the show, as it showed just how much Amazon was willing to go into every space in your home.

Come fly with me

This drone is called Always home loop cam. (The product is sold under the Ring brand, which is owned by Amazon.) I asked Dave Lemp, CEO of Hardware at Amazon, whether it was named so because it’s always in your home, or because it’s we They are now always at home. More than the previous one, Limb says, a nod to Ring’s spirit, the idea that it exists even when it isn’t. That buzzing hype from Techno Dystopia can be yours for $ 249 when it ships out later this year.

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How you feel about the Ring Always Home Cam may depend on how you feel about it Which Ring the camera at your house, because that’s part of the playing field. “The seed was planted by customers who don’t want cameras in every room for privacy reasons, or because they don’t have power outlets in the right place, or because they can’t afford to buy a camera in every room,” Limb says. “That sounded an interesting way to stitch the needle a little.” (in a meeting with the edge, Ring founder Jamie Siminoff described it as “an obvious product that’s very difficult to build”).

When any kind of disturbance is detected in your home, the drone will take off from its dock and fly to the scene – for example, if there is an intruder or a raccoon, Lemp suggests. This is all part of Amazon’s larger strategy to deliver, fly, spin and simply spin its unique products Appears Where you want them, similar to the way Alexa voice assistant started showing up, well, everywhere. Amazon has been in this for a while now. The drone may be coming from inside the house, but it shouldn’t be a surprise either.

Police helicopter

The drone sits in its cargo dock until it is required to fly around your home.

Photo: Amazon

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