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“The right to suspend the work of those who are not vaccinated.” The appeal of 10 operators was rejected

Medici no vax Judge:

The clash continues Serum For sanitation. If there is no vaccination, then there can be no vaccination SalaryBelluno Judge Anna Trava decided to reject two requests The nurses Eight health care workers refused the dose last February and were suspended from work as a result. The health workers were ten, according to what she reported Courier VenetoAfter refusal, two retirement circles employees in the Belluno District have been placed on compulsory leave by the RSA and subjected to a visit by an occupational doctor.

Doctors Non-Vaccines: Compulsory Vacations in Puglia, Job Changes in Lazio. But national standards are not available

A nurse who does not cause lumps in the hospital in Genoa, Totti: “Unacceptable, please observe adherence to the vaccine”

The doctor had declared the doctors “unfit to serve”, which allowed them to be removed from their activities without pay. The operators No fax They appealed to the court, claiming that the constitution grants freedom to choose vaccination. The judge ruled that the reasons for the applicants “do not exist”, and ruled that “the effectiveness of the vaccine in preventing the negative development of the disease resulting from virus It is also evident from the sharp decrease in deaths among groups that were able to benefit from the doses, such as health workers, guests of the Republic of South Africa, and citizens of Israel, where the vaccine was given to millions of individuals.

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