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The revolutionary Clip turns every bike into an e-bike

Clip ebike

is called section He promised to revolutionize the bike world, converting any “old style” two-wheeled bike into an e-bike. All of this at fairly low prices and in an easily reversible way. As we’ll see in detail shortly, in fact, a buckle that “sticks and detaches” from the front wheel in a matter of seconds, can easily be stored in a backpack or bag.

Listed by Times Magazine among its Top 100 Inventions of 2020, the Clip is a portable, removable electric motor that allows you to do so Convert any model from city bike into an ebike. The only prerequisite is the size of the wheel – for work, the clamp must be attached to one Wheel diameter 26 or 28 inches. Otherwise, the robotic pulley fails to draw force on the wheel, rendering this device completely useless.

The clip inside the black frame is completed with the brushed aluminum side panels Small 450 watt motorPowered by a 36V 144 Wh Li-ion battery. Traction system equipped with Independence of about 45 minutes (Or 20 kilometers) and a top speed of 25 kilometers per hour. More than enough to go to work without having to use public transportation or walking at your leisure. And if your Clip is running low, don’t worry: The battery recharges in just 45 minutes.

So the Clip operation does not mean who knows what mechanical or technological knowledge is. It is fixed to the front wheel, so that the pulley is in direct contact with the wheel. The engine is activated and deactivated thanks to a small bluetooth remote control To be attached to the steering wheel, with a smartphone app under development. So when you get tired, just press the button to start the Clip and let its 450W motor propel the bike in place.

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Unlike others Kit for converting into electric scooters From the muscular “dueruote”, the Clip has the advantage of being easy to remove and move. The size and weight (less than 3 kilograms) allow you to put it in your purse or bag and take it with you to the office. It will not be necessary to remove the wheel or install the “fixed” devices in the frame of the bike: everything is done quite simply, without the need for any external support.

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