The restart could be entrusted to PlatinumGames, says an insider –

    The restart could be entrusted to PlatinumGames, says an insider -

    A few hours after its existence was confirmed, another rumor surfaced about the possible authors of the Reboot From Ninja Gaidenwhich according to an insider has been commissioned Platinum Games.

    The idea is undoubtedly great and fits the type and characteristics of the game, being an action game that is somewhat in line with the Japanese team’s approach. sound started from Nick “Cheepshal Nick” Bakera knowledgeable person already has a flippant approach, so we don’t quite know how to approach the question.

    However, it is true that the selection will be more or less appropriate, moreover, it will be consistent with what was previously reported, that is, the project will be entrusted to external team Compared to Team Ninja.

    In fact, given that the latter is already busy on Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and Rise of the Ronin, it’s easy to imagine that they may have outsourced the Ninja Gaiden reboot to an outside team, and given the importance of the franchise it certainly makes me very happy to see it helmed by PlatinumGames.

    In the past few hours, Team Ninja announced that reboots for Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive are in the works, during a conference at Korea G-Star, but without adding further details. Last September, the Ninja Gaiden issue actually came out, in which the developers reported that the series could return, but it was entrusted to other developers.

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