The range of games arriving throughout 2023 is staggering

    The range of games arriving throughout 2023 is staggering

    with arrival December’s new games on Game Passusers continue to wait for the amazing video game production that will enrich Microsoft’s subscription service (more precisely, the game arcade) throughout 2023. The preview that Cloudbriel gave us highlights just how exciting the lineup is going to be.

    Through a post on its official Twitter account, the aforementioned Klobrille account presented all users with a file A brief look at what will be the near future of the Xbox brand. Green Crusader continues to show the great potential of its subscription service available on the Xbox and PC ecosystem, and is always close to offering its users great adventures or incredible discounts, such as an offer Xbox Game Pass for 1 euro for the month of December. What a future Redmond holds for us?

    We can say it’s more than rosy, judging by the product titles arriving in 2023, which you count within. Monster Hunter Rise’s solid presencealso arrives on competing platforms but is available from launch day on Game Pass, even if there is certainly no shortage of Xbox exclusives: in fact, 2023 is the redeeming moment for the company – At the front of the first party productions – with arrival Age of Empires 2 and Age of Empires 4 on Xbox, leaving Exclusivity tied to the PC system.

    Starfield and more; The Game Pass lineup has many heroes

    Below we provide a full list of titles arriving in 2023 via Game Pass:

    • Starfield exclusively for Xbox Studios
    • Redfall, an Xbox Studios exclusive production
    • Minecraft Legends, is a title developed by Xbox Studios but coming to all other platforms
    • Age of empires 2
    • Forza Motorsport, an Xbox Studios exclusive production
    • Ghostwire Tokyo will be a time exclusive on Sony’s home consoles, and it’s also coming to Xbox and Game Pass
    • Macaw History Untold (Xbox Studios exclusive)
    • Age of Empires 4
    • The Last Case of Benedict Fox, the thrilling adventure available at launch on Xbox only
    • Hollow Knight Silksong
    • Monster Hunter Rise
    • cocoons
    • Flintlock Siege of Dawn
    • Wo Long Fallen Dynasty
    • Ravenlock
    • Ark 2 (Xbox exclusive at launch)
    • STALKER 2 is exclusive to Xbox Studios at launch
    • The legacy of the shadow of Oraiban
    • Diablo 4 (assuming the acquisition of Activision-Blizzard to Microsoft is complete)
    • Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes
    • F lies
    • Wool planet
    • Crypt amnesia
    • Atomic heart
    • Persona 3 Portable
    • Persona 4 Golden
    • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
    • Valheim
    • has been replaced
    • Party Animals (Xbox exclusive at launch)
    • Guilty Gear Cahed
    • Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Special Edition
    • Dungeons 4
    • Turnip boy robs a bank
    • railway 2
    • flock
    • The suitors are thirsty
    • Bounty Star
    • Routines (exclusively on Xbox at launch)
    • light year boundary

    Between secondary and higher-budget productions, that would give the number of first- and third-party titles arriving in 2023. Great moments for players from all over the worldwith a number of adventures that will meet the needs of all Game Pass subscribers.

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