The RAI license fee also changes on the invoice: here are the changes and how to pay them


    As foreseen in the Draghi government’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan, 2022 will be the last year the rent will be billed.

    Canon 16122021 -
    Rai license fee revolution banned from billing since 2023 –

    By the end of next year, the roads that allowed us to pay this popular patriotic donation will cease to cross on the utility vehicle.. A real revolution ends an era. It also brings peace of mind to those who do not use state service and who have always seen these taxes as a violation of implicit agreements between the parties.

    The decisive factor was the entry into force of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan adopted by the Supreme Government. This comes into force in the transformation of European directives for credit granted to the countries of the group in response to the serious economic crisis caused by the global pandemic.

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    However, if the taxpayer feels less pressure, considering the electric bill is lighter, They were less satisfied in RAI. Where the economic accounts were not the best at all. Now, given the outlook, they may face a fundamental downturn.

    Fees will not be a concern for our users anymore

    State TV no longer resonates contributing with our bills 16122021 -
    State TV no longer resonates contributing through our bills –

    Renzi himself decided to set up the situation currently underway, making a decision that might have been necessary but is not popular at all. He’s back in 2016 and for a good five years, except for the Six Unheard Nationals, this issue has never been addressed. The fee, which goes through bills, has been revised from €113 to €90.

    The first goal achieved was to reduce the tax evasion gap. It contributes significantly to renewing the shaky standards of state television. However, all this was not enough to supply an expensive company with fuel. Which, however, compared to the full European panorama has a demand forSubscription It is among the cheapest.

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    So fortunately for the CEO OpinionCarlo Fortes, it is very reasonable to return to the old and dear prospect of causation, to be fulfilled within the expected conditions, with appropriate solutions. Nothing has been said so far about the amounts that could be subject to adjustment.

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