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The quantum internet, the first repeaters were developed. The European Union chose a consortium to design it

  The quantum internet, the first repeaters were developed.  The European Union chose a consortium to design it

Quantum networks? They are not just ambitious. The first quantum repeaters were developed, and the last piece was missing. Prototyping was done by two independent groups, one led byBarcelona Institute of Science and Technology and the other fromUniversity of Science and Technology in Hefei in China, and their results were published in the journal Nature. “Quantum Communications Today – Commented Fabio Ciarino, head of the Quantum Information Laboratory at Sapienza in Rome – they are a mature field but the gods still exist Limitations relating above all to the maximum distance within which an encrypted message can be transmitted with complete security. Now, thanks to these new steps towards ‘quantum repeaters’ it will also be possible to overcome these last obstacles.”

to benefit from Strange quantity rules In fact, it guarantees completely impenetrable connections and for this reason it has been investing for years in creating global internet networks capable of transmitting information in quantum form. The final hurdle remains the ability to have nodes capable of “bounce” messages in a secure and stable manner across the various parts of the network. From the studios, there are now excellent candidates to win the challenge. Using different methods, the two research groups were able to memorize the details crystals, albeit for milliseconds, the information of photon pairs entangled, that is, particles are always “entangled” with respect to each other. The two devices are able to preserve quantum information without changing it and then redirect it: a prerequisite for obtaining long-awaited “quantum repeaters”. Findings that expand the functions demonstrated by prototypes of these memories in some critical aspects: So from a quick response in the case of Chinese recruitment and increased operational flexibility in SpanishPaolo Villoresi, director of the Center for Quantum Technologies at the University of Padua commented. “These developments – added Villoresi – are welcome in uniting the joint effort to create a global quantum network in which our country is also at the fore.”

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Meanwhile, the European Commission Selection of a group of companies and research institutes to design the future European quantum communication networkEuroQci – Quantum Communication Infrastructure – which will enable ultra-secure communications between critical infrastructures and government institutions across the European Union. The consortium, led by Airbus, Leonardo, Orange, PwC France and the Maghreb, includes Telespazio (Leonardo 67%, Thales 33%), National Research Council (Cnr) and the National Institute for Metrological Research (Inrim).

EuroQci Quantum technologies and systems will be integrated into terrestrial communications networks in Optical fiber It will include a space division ensuring complete coverage across the Federation and beyond. This “network” will help protect Europe’s critical cryptographic systems and infrastructure, such as government institutions, air traffic control, healthcare facilities, banks and power grids, from current and future cyber threats. As early as June 2019, 26 member states signed the EuroQci Declaration, to cooperate with the Commission, with the support of the European Space Agency, in developing a quantum communications infrastructure covering the entire European Union.

The long-term plan calls for EuroQci to become the basis for quantum internet in europe, Connecting computers, simulators, and quantum sensors, through quantum networks, to distribute information and resources with the latest security solutions. The first to use it will be a quantum key distribution (Qkd) service, which will transmit cryptographic keys over quantum communication channels both on terrestrial optical fibers and on satellite laser links. “The use of quantum photonic states makes the distribution immune to vulnerabilities, unlike the solutions currently in use,” the consortium companies and research institutions assert.

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In particular, the study, which will last 15 months, outlines the details of the system Butt to tip The design of the ground segment to support the Qkd service provides for the development of a detailed roadmap, which includes the costs and timing of each implementation phase. The study will also support the European Commission in building an advanced Qci testing and validation infrastructure, including standards, with the goal of launching the EuroQci pilot project by 2024 and an initial operational service by 2027.

The consortium will benefit from the integration of its members, which includes large system integrators, telecom and satcom operators, service providers along with research institutes. The study will consolidate and enhance existing contributions focused on various quantum projects, implemented by each member of the consortium, and benefit from the extensive experience in the field of Italian quantum backbones thanks to Cnr and INRIM.

“The birth of the EuroQCI Consortium sees Leonardo together with the main partners in defining the future of the European quantum network. An important step for technological progress on the continent in the field of priority and avant-garde, confirms Lucio Valerio Ciofi, General Manager of Leonardo. “The central element is the possibility of using quantum technologies to exchange keys Encryption, thus ensuring complete security of communicationsI manage a huge amount of data. A technology that is unparalleled and represents the future, not only in the telecom sector but in many other areas of application. possibility of creating “Like the internetThis will allow communication between quantum computers – which have the greatest computing power and speed and quantum sensors of extraordinary accuracy – with unprecedented and completely secure possibilities for analysis and prediction on a global scale. Thus, the sector with enormous potential, in which Leonardo’s skills will be enhanced by a specifically dedicated “quantum” laboratory in the network of Leonardo’s laboratories, will have a central role and tangible impact for business development in multiple areas: from cybersecurity to defense electronics reaching space “.

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Photo from Cnr’s Twitter account

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