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The problem with the new company – Il Tempo

The problem with the new company - Il Tempo
Giada Oricio

The conquest of the world must wait. American lawyers spoil the plans of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. An insurmountable obstacle or setback, the truth is that Prince Harry and Meghan still had problems building their empire of entertainment for profit and a bit of charity.

After Elizabeth II’s red card over the economic abuse of the Sussex Royal brand, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, the new mother of Lillipet Diana, renamed their company. Archwell Enterprise They also created podcasting company Archewell Audio to demand that their fundraising organizations be protected under the Corporations Act of America. Employees sent the documents to the US Patent and Trademark Office demanding exclusive use of the terms, but for the second time in a year, the Democratic office indicated they were too vague and demanded clarification.

According to Richard Eden who revealed the secret background exclusively to daily MailOn the Archewell Audio app, the couple said the company has been involved in “creating, developing, producing and distributing podcasts, podcasts, music, audiobooks, streaming shows, live shows, live music shows, and live audio. Book readings,” but the hardworking official asked them to be less vague: The applicant must explain that these are entertainment-based services (Thus it is not charity, nda) and must specify the nature of the “live performances”. Not only that, Harry and Meghan’s legal team must also decide what type of web application they wish to provide through the Archewell Foundation.

However, nothing was lost on the path to independence and world domination: on June 25, the office gave the dukes six months to respond. Otherwise, the questions will be cancelled. Eden also recalls: “A source close to the Sussex family told me last year that Archewell would be huge. Harry and Meghan would use it to support many of the causes they care about. It would be a global organization with international ambitions.” Just let it become a reality.

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