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The Premier League loses the pieces, from the English Six – football

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“The current situation in European football needs to change. New competition is needed because the system is not working, and our proposal is fully in line with the law. But in light of the current circumstances, we will assess appropriate steps to reconfigure the project.” This is stated in Superlega’s summary in a draft memo. Official circulated overnight read by ANSA.

“The Premier League project is no longer considered the object of interest by Inter.” ANSA learned this from neroazzurre sources at the end of the project’s 12th Founding Club emergency meeting.

Wrong start to Superliga. Just over 48 hours after the press release announcing her birth, she is already losing her chops. The City of Manchester Formalize his exit from Superlega, instead Chelsea Preparing to do so. This was confirmed by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) this evening, citing sources from the two English companies. The project thus lost 2 pieces out of 12, which was heavily affected by the protest launched in the UK by fans, the press and many professionals, a protest strongly supported by the government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. According to rumors of two other English clubs – Arsenal and Manchester United – They would decide to hold back, and give up Superlega. United Vice President Ed Woodward, designated to be the future vice president of the Premier League, has announced that he will leave the English club at the end of 2021. Of the six clubs that initially joined the new constitution, only for the time being Liverpool and Tottenham They would not have expired yet. Even Barcelona is not sure whether it is a part of it: joining the Catalan club is conditional on the approval of the members, who will be called to express themselves in this regard.

a An emergency meeting between the 12 constituent clubs From the Premier League, after strong indications of Chelsea and Manchester City withdrawing, I am running. ANSA learns this from the company’s sources. According to rumors, the opposite that has been introduced to some Chelsea and City could soon be added to the opposite of other English clubs. On the Spanish side, it appears that Atletico Madrid is currently ready to go ahead with their project on Real’s streak. On the other hand, Barcelona will wait for the shareholders’ meeting to make a final decision.

Chelsea and Manchester City’s decision to ditch Superlega project is in its infancy, “if confirmed, absolutely correct and I congratulate them” on this. British Prime Minister writes it tonight Boris Johnson Via Twitter, not without insisting on the withdrawal of other splinter clubs, in particular the remaining four English clubs (Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham). “I hope – and Prime Minister Toure concludes – that the other clubs participating in the European League will follow in his footsteps.”
“I am delighted to welcome Manchester City back into the European football family.” The president of UEFA says that, Alexander SeverinWho welcomed the decision of the English club to withdraw from the Superlega project. “They have shown great intelligence in listening to the many voices – especially their fans – who have spoken about the vital benefits the current system has for all of European football; from the Champions League final to the first training session for a young player. The popular club,” Ceferin continued in a statement. .

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The day had evolved between the executive director of UEFA, with Severin Who tried to reach by inviting “heads of some clubs, especially English”, to “change their minds”, and Florentino Perez Which indicated in Superlega a way to “save football”, while FIFA was repeatedly opposed to the president, Gianni InfantinoWhich declared that “the clubs will pay the consequences”. Overcoming, so to speak, the shock of last night’s press release, the ball (and not just) makes a wall. Meanwhile, a court in Madrid – echoing what actually happened years ago with the Euroleague and what was told to ANSA yesterday by attorney Pierfelippo Capello about legal disputes – has issued a precautionary measure banning FIFA, UEFA, Spain’s Liga and the national football associations. To take action against clubs that have declared their membership in the Premier League. A pre-order placed last Friday by the European superleague Company SL.

“I am not doing it to save Real, but to save football. This sport is at a critical moment, what we do is only for the ball. If we make a profit, everyone benefits, even those at the bottom. ”Florentino Perez, No. 1 of Real Madrid and the newly born Superlega, thus defending the project which has been joined by 12 clubs. “Football has to evolve and this format will guarantee us more money -” Perez said in a long interview with Chiringuito TV – The Champions League has now lost its appeal. Then the attack on UEFA: “Severin cannot insult the way he did with Agnelli, he is unrepresentable.” “Young people have lost interest, football must evolve: there will be more money for everyone, the ball must adapt to the times – Real Madrid No. 1 explains – the audience is diminishing. With the pandemic, it has destroyed all of us. We understood that we have to change something.” What to make this sport more attractive to everyone. ” As for UEFA’s threats to immediately disqualify clubs from the Champions League, Perez is certain: “The Premier League players do not need to worry, there will be no ban on playing for the national teams. Neither Real nor City will be excluded from the tournament. The Champions League.”

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“I want to be very clear: FIFA is an organization built on the true values ​​and values ​​of sport. As FIFA, we cannot help but strongly condemn the creation of the Premier League, Which is a closed thing, an escape from the current football institutions. There is no doubt that FIFA does not approve this project. FIFA President Gianni said that Infantino, Speaking at the UEFA Conference in Montreux, Switzerland. If some choose to follow their own path, They have to pay for the consequences of their choices. They are responsible for their choices. In a concrete sense, this means, are you on the inside or are you on the outside? You cannot stay in the middle of the road. Think about it, everyone should think about it. “Infantino added.” There is a lot to get rid of in someone’s short term money game. People really have to think carefully and they have to take responsibility. “

Uefa we will protect football from a selfish clan – “The 55 members and the participating associations in the UEFA Congress condemn the declaration of the so-called Premier League. We will protect football from a selfish clan that does not care about the game. We are European football, they do not.” Reads the declaration, which was unanimously voted by the UEFA Congress Foot, at the end of the works in Montreux, Switzerland. According to the UEFA Congress, the Premier League project goes against the notion of what should be European: united, open, supportive and grounded in sporting values. It is clear that the conspiratorial clubs failed to see that their situation today was not achieved in isolation, but rather was part of a dynamic European system in which the big, medium and small clubs all contributed to the successes and losses of all. ”The UEFA Congress concluded by saying:“ It is an affront to values. Europeanism and mathematical merit for them to assume that they have the right to secede and claim the legacy that they have all built. “

Guardiola’s rejection “is no longer a sport” “Superliga is not a sport”: That is how Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola dismissed the Superlega project, criticizing the closed invitation system that characterizes the controversial new competition. “When there is no relationship between commitment and result, it is no longer a sport,” the Catalan coach said on the eve of the match against Aston Villa. But we are only talking about a statement. There are other people who need an explanation, “Who has the obligation and duty to leave as soon as possible and explain to the whole world what the situation is and the reason for their decision. Ajax has won four or five European Cups and there is no? I must explain it to all of us.”

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Premier League encounter except for shrapnel – “The Premier League, along with the FA, met today with the clubs to discuss the immediate implications of the Premier League proposal. The 14 clubs attending the meeting unanimously and forcefully rejected the plans for the new competition.” According to the Premier League memo, at the end of an emergency meeting held today, without the six clubs participating in the Premier League, they “firmly refused” to create a new competition, and are evaluating “every possible action” to prevent a plan from happening. In the statement issued at the conclusion of the meeting, the Prime Minister also confirmed that he is working with UEFA, the English Football Association and all other football components to find a common solution. The last thoughts of the English clubs went to the fans, “whose reaction shows how valuable the hierarchical system of English football is to society”. Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson has called up all the Premier League leaders to discuss their position on the Premier League draft. After public criticism voiced yesterday by coach Juergen Klopp and Deputy Captain James Milner, it was Henderson today who promoted the meeting between the other Premier League leaders. Perhaps with the aim of creating a united front and perhaps a common response

France says no “money system becomes king” – The French Undersecretary for European Affairs, Clement Boone, launched an appeal to a front opposing the Superlega project, which – as he told France Info – wants to formalize that “the financial system becomes king.” It is the drift of a system – as Boone said – which is the transfer of money to football in front of the party “sport, which is a system of” sovereign money, which excludes merit and solidarity. ” “We have to say no to this kind of closed, money-based competition,” Boone added. “European competition of this kind goes against nature. I hope that UEFA will take the most severe measures.”

“We are confident that this new 20-team competition will capture the imaginations of billions of football fans around the world and mark the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the soccer game.” Lad Del Milan Ivan Gazidis So he wrote, in a letter to Rossoneri’s trading partners, about the new Superlega. “Superlega will provide value and support for the entire football pyramid with greater financial resources,” wrote the CEO, who then confirmed his desire to remain in the Serie A, which “will remain the most important weekend competition in Italy and Milan are proud to be there.”

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