Home sport “The Premier League? A criminal act, I feel disgusted”

“The Premier League? A criminal act, I feel disgusted”


Disgust. This is a feeling Gary Neville, The historic former captain of Manchester United, to the prospect of the birth of the European Premier League from the major European club championship. Neville, the critic, also put it forcefully about everything Opposing it He attacks the idea of ​​this new tournament with violent speech. Fierce words, And spread it instantly on social networks. “I’ve been a Manchester United fan for 40 years but I’m just so disgusted“Said the former soccer player.”I am especially disgusted with Manchester United and Liverpool. I mean, Liverpool is the “You Never Walk Alone” club, the “Fan Club” or the “People’s Club”, then Manchester United, which was created by people who were born and raised around Old Trafford more than 100 years ago, and want to enter a tournament without competition, You cannot be demoted from them. It is a disgrace, a criminal act. We need to review the football power of this country starting with the clubs that dominate and claim the Premier League, starting with my team, Manchester United. What we see is just greed, nothing else. The owners of United, Liverpool, but also City and Chelsea are fraudsters, and they have nothing to do with football in England. The country has more than 150 years of football history, beginning with fans of these clubs who have encouraged and supported their team for decades. They are the ones who must be protected“.

‘Premier League, shame’

Then Neville continued:I owe a lot to football. I earned this and am still making money, as I have also invested and continue to invest in it, so I am not against the money that goes into football but I am really interested in the principles and ethics of this sport. If Leicester wins the Premier League, it is only right that they go to the Champions League. Here’s an example, but it’s how it should work, not teams like Tottenham. Manchester United or Arsenal, who did not even participate in the Champions League, could participate in the elite competition“.

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“Defeat them at the bottom of the leaderboard!”

The The flashing is brutal: “If they announce the signing of a prior contract or agreement, penalize those clubs. Take points, pay them a fine, slam them down the ranking, and pull out the titles they’ve won. Award the Premier League to Fulham or Burnley. Or saving Fulham and relegating United, Liverpool and Arsenal, who are the oldest of the three teams and have betrayed their fans. They are all tired, time is up. We need an external committee to assess these landlords and bring order

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