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The Pope in Iraq: Those who have little are marginalized, and inequality is unacceptable

The Pope in Iraq: Those who have little are marginalized, and inequality is unacceptable

“Love is our strength” The Pope continued his speech to Iraqi Christians: “Love is the lever for Christians, even in countries where they are a minority and where they are subjected to persecution.” “Love is our strength, and the strength of many brothers and sisters who have also suffered here too from prejudices, crimes, abuse and persecution for the name of Jesus. But as the power, glory and vanity of the world wanes, so love,” said Francis.

“In the face of evil, the Lord does not give up, he does not surrender – as he remembers -. Those who love do not withdraw to themselves when things go wrong, but respond to evil with good, remembering the wisdom victorious from a cross. God’s witness does this: He is not passive, fatalistic, no He lives in the night of circumstances, instinct and moment, but he is always hopeful, because he is founded in love that ‘excuses everything, believes in everything.

God works miracles in our weakness According to the Pope, God’s promises are fulfilled “through our weakness. God blesses those who walk the path of their inner poverty to the end.” The Pope recalled many evangelical and evangelical personalities: Abraham and Sarah have older children, Moses who spoke to Pharaoh despite being “clumsy in words,” and Mary “who, when unable to conceive according to the law, is called to become a mother. And finally Peter who betrayed Jesus.” And he called him “to prove his brothers.” The Pope said, “My dear brothers and sisters, sometimes we feel helpless and useless. Let’s not believe it, because God wants to perform miracles precisely through our weaknesses. “

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“Of course, we are tempted, we fall often, but we must not forget that, with Jesus, we are blessed. What the world robs of us is nothing compared to the tender and patient love with which the Lord fulfills his promises. My dear sister, my dear brother – the Pope continued, over to The second person individually – maybe you look at your hands and look empty, maybe in your heart there is a lack of confidence and you do not feel that life is rewarded. If so, do not be afraid: Beatitudes for you, for your sake, hungry and thirsty for justice, persecuted. The Lord promises you your name It is written in his heart and in the heavens, and today I thank him with you and for you, because here, where wisdom arose in ancient times, many witnesses appeared in these times, and they are often ignored through records of events, but they are precious in God’s eyes: witnesses, by living Beatitudes, help God fulfill his promises of peace. “

The Iraqi president was also present at the Chaldean mass The President of Iraq, Barham Salih, accompanied by his wife, arrived at St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Baghdad, where the Pope celebrates mass in the Chaldean rite.

The meeting with Ayatollah Sistani In the morning, Pergellio flew to the south of the country: the first stop in Najaf, to meet Ayatollah Sistani. Then through Nasiriyah he went to Ur of the Chaldeans to pray with representatives of other religions. During the interfaith meeting, he declared that “terrorists betray religion.” In the Mass of Baghdad in the Chaldean rite, for the first time for the Supreme Pontiff.

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