The opening cinematic of this exciting new RPG –

    The opening cinematic of this exciting new RPG –

    NIS America has released a file opening film to CRYMACHINA MACHINEa sci-fi themed action RPG for PC, Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 arriving in 2023.

    there The official description of CRYMACHINA It reads, in translation: “In modern times, a strange disease has broken out. A little girl named Lebel Distel, on her deathbed, hears a mysterious voice: ‘You have been chosen. ‘” In the dark, Leben wakes up and finds herself in a dark, post-apocalyptic world , taken by a robot named Enoa.”

    “Leben finds herself in Eden, a facility where machines continue to operate with the goal of creating ‘true humans’ to re-create humanity. With Enoa’s guidance, Leben is forced to battle to become a ‘true human.'”

    “Adventure between the battlefields of Eden and the safe haven of the Garden of Imitation. Within Eden, engage in complex and entertaining battles against mechanical enemies and discover the mysteries of the dark world. Then return to your base, the Garden of Imitation, relax, customize your weapons and enjoy the fun and intimate conversations between the girls.”

    It will be possible to use the CRYMACHINA Three main characters. The opening video allows us to get an idea of ​​the atmosphere and themes of the game, but does not allow us to see the gameplay, which can instead be seen in the video that you can find below, specifically Minute 55:37.

    Pictures are also available, which you can see below.

    Tell us what’s yours First impressions by CRYMACHINA?

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