The number of tourists is declining in 2021, less than 120 million visitors

    The number of tourists is declining in 2021, less than 120 million visitors

    According to the survey, only on the holidays between Christmas, New Year and Epiphany, compared to the 25 million departing flights that were scheduled by the Italians just a few months ago, 5 million flights have already been canceled and 5.3 million adjusted by reducing vacation days or choosing the nearest destination . In addition, there are also 7 million flights still pending.

    Confcommercio also emphasizes “the accelerated growth in recent days of cancellations in the catering business and the dramatic situation in the entertainment sector with closing activities”. In this case, one of the notes states, “It is clear that the government should support these components of the tourism supply chain in particular by adopting measures on social safety nets, without increasing business costs, and on access to credit, as well as financial interventions. and non-repayable contributions based on the losses incurred.”

    At Christmas, 6 in 10 participants were away from their homes for a maximum of two days without leaving their area, while only 5% went outside. The data is consistent regarding the length of the holiday until New Year’s Eve, while those who will vacation four days or more – 4 out of 10 – will also go outside the region. However, the figure for overseas travel expectations remains low: 8% between New Year’s Eve and Epiphany, versus values ​​that typically exceed 20% in this period. In this case, the potential recovery of tourism moves to the summer of 2022, at more than 6 months and about 30 from the start of the crisis.

    Confcommercio urgently and urgently demands the extension of the surplus fund granted to activities suspended due to the health emergency, which expires on December 31, at least until June, and the re-integration deduction for the organized tourism sector, which has at least 40,000 employees and is made up of a high proportion of small enterprises that It employs less than five employees, which therefore has no other tool to protect staffing levels, and assured and immediate compensation for discos, the only companies bearing the consequences of the new pandemic emergency with the closure by decree.

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