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The NFL kicks off the 2021-22 season with its first sale amid the pandemic | BusinessCommunity.it

La NFL inizia la stagione 2021-22 con il primo sold out in mezzo alla pandemia

Seven months ago, we made NFL history“, He said Buccaneers owner Bryan Glazer During a pre-game party, referring to the team’s victory in the Super Bowl.
Only 25,000 people took part in this race with parts of the stadium strategically placed to keep their distance.
One thing was missing: all of you.
Bentornati Raymond James Stadium
Glazer concluded.
In fact, there were no restrictions on participation even during the 2021 pre-season matches.

But with many fans skipping those training shows, stadiums remain empty.
That was until the Buccaneers-Cowboys season opener.
The rates of Covid-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths in the United States continue to rise amid the delta variant of the virus and the refusal of nearly a quarter of all American adults to get vaccinated.
But like many other major colleges and sports facilities in the United States, The NFL continues to move forward with plans to have fully usable facilities, just as he did in off-season events, such as the Draft League.
We and our clubs are in daily and regular talks with local and state authorities, but we do not expect any reduction in seat capacity this year.‘, he stated Peter O’Reilly, Executive Vice President of Business Clubs and Events for the NFL.

We’re really happy with our position, given the vaccination rates across the country, and feel we’ll be able to move forward during the season.
Of course we don’t take anything for granted.
We work closely on all of our protocols, working with and under the supervision of state and local authorities.
All 30 stadiums can now be at their peak, and this is how we expect to spend the season in alignment with local and state authorities
O’Reilly said.
To this end, there have been some mass-optimized protocols in some local markets, since i Las Vegas Raiders, i New Orleans Saints ei Seattle Seahawks require Evidence of vaccination To participate in the home games, with others who may join them in the coming weeks.
Full fan engagement also comes as NFL teams work to maintain operations amid the pandemic.

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Players are not required to be vaccinated following talks between the league and the NFL Players Association. But the league has implemented stricter protocols for unvaccinated players and created a series of harsh penalties, including potential disqualification due to outages due to a virus outbreak.
Anyway, more than 93% of NFL players are now vaccinated.
But the federation is now calling for increased testing for all players on the daily system.

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