The new Liberato sings with a mask but he gave too many clues: he met a soccer player

    The new Liberato sings with a mask but he gave too many clues: he met a soccer player

    Rapper Dide has released a new song, but his identity is still a secret. Many listeners think he is a soccer player and have come up with some theories.

    A musical phenomenon has overwhelmed the English scene: a few days ago the rapper was present on all platforms diet He released a new song called Suspense, but all the fans were drawn to other details. In fact, in the official video for the song The singer’s face is covered with a mask full of roses who hides his identity.

    “Behind his mysterious pink mask, he proves to be an incredible lyricist, exploring identity, inequality, and modern society in stunning detail.” We read in the song description that the song is already on YouTube at over 75,000 views. And apparently, theories have already begun as to who this mysterious masked singer who traveled down the same path as you could be Liberation In Italy he hides his identity.

    A number of clues led listeners to believe this Behind the mask is a professional player in the Premier Leaguestarting from his Instagram profile bio, “The rapper at home, the soccer player on the field” He described some pictures where he always mentions a mysterious player from the English championship.

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    The music video is set in London and “big Smoke” From the city and many believe that it could be Arsenal player Eddie Nketiah. On Twitter, some users analyzed the song in detail, and found great evidence to support this thesis.

    “My team wins” And ‘Every final’ are references that lend a warm-up to the track of an Arsenal footballer loaned to the music, given that Arsenal are top of the table and could win the title for the first time in 20 years. Furthermore, the elation the player uses after goals is simulated in the music video, with his arms open, his forefinger in and his gaze turned skyward.

    Someone noticed that too Dide, the singer’s name, could simply be an anagram of Eddie And in the full version of the song, the artist emphasizes the fact that he’s 23, the same age as Nathia, who will blow out the candles on May 30.

    The song received hundreds of comments from Arsenal fans who appreciated the player’s musical project, instantly revealing his identity and supporting their theories by extracting the smallest details from the music video. bitmap He has neither confirmed nor denied the news, but the mystery surrounding Dide has already sparked a lot of interest across the UK.

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