The new Lancia Aurelia 2022-2023, takes the shape of the long-awaited SUV more and more

    The new Lancia Aurelia 2022-2023, takes the shape of the long-awaited SUV more and more

    Earlier this year, Stellantis announced with some fanfare that Re-launch of LanciaThat fell into his hands after the merger between Fiat-Chrysler and PSA. A return scheduled for 2024, by replacing the current Yspilon, awaits the introduction of a more ambitious model, determined to re-position the brand honorably in the premium segment. And this new model could be the Lancia Aurelia 2022-2023 SUV.

    • What will the new Lancia Aurelia 2022-2023 look like

    • Lancia Aurelia 2022-2023 review, what to expect

    What will the new Lancia Aurelia 2022-2023 look like

    Stellantis has already announced that Lancia Aurelia will have a grid coated with a sustainable material It will also be 4.6m tall, roughly the size of the DS 7 Crossback. Another type of group, like the Lancia, has to drive electrically in the mid-range.

    For the whole wave of new electric cars, Stellantis is currently working on a new platform for electric vehicles, which will be available as STLA Small up to 500 km, STLA Medium up to 700 km and as STLA Large tire and tire up to 800 km and will be in use from 2023. Standard battery packs are compatible with electric motors that can be configured for front, rear and all-wheel drive. Power currently comes from two types of batteries, one of which is a non-cobalt nickel alternative.

    The new Lancia Aurelia 2022-2023 will be assembled in Italy, at the Melffi plant, and will therefore be based on the Dutch group’s future STLA medium platform. A foundation that Lancia Aurelia will share with the next generation DS7 Crossback, expected in 2025.

    With the help of Lancia Aurelia, the historical model can be brought to life and decorate an already approved brand, using all the modern electronics.

    Lancia Aurelia 2022-2023 review, what to expect

    Lancia Aurelia It was the first car to be powered by a series of production V6s. Stellantis, the newly founded parent company of FCA and PSA, wants to help Lancia of Tears Valley find new popularity.

    As Stellantis promised, from this 2021 Futuristic Technology Base STLA Medium 100% Electric It will target a battery capacity of 104 kWh, allowing the Lancia Aurelia about 700 km of autonomy. The car will also servicing several electric motors, ranging from 170 to 450 hp, passing 245 hp, so as to stand up to future German competitors developing about 4.70 meters in length. The Lancia Aurelia 2022-2023 will also have to take care of its interior and in this aspect it will benefit from all the expertise of DS cars in terms of refinement.

    In this context of renewal, the new Ypslon, by 2024 electrified, should set the tone for the brand’s future design. While it remains to be seen what it will look like, that hasn’t stopped car enthusiasts and designers from imagining what the various future models might look like.

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