The new CEO of Twitter is not a CEO

    The new CEO of Twitter is not a CEO

    Elon Musk is stepping down as CEO of Twitter, leave it in Linda Iaccarino. A decision that may be less important than it appears. The new CEO has no experience in the role, nor in the tech world. However, the reason for his selection is another.

    Who is Linda Iaccarino?

    when Elon Musk She announced that she was stepping down as CEO of Twitter, and not many expected him to take his place Linda Yakarenor. Prior to taking over X Corp, the social network’s parent company, Yaccarino was Chief Marketing Officer at NBCUniversal, one of the largest entertainment companies in the United States.

    The new CEO of Twitter comes from this world. He has 30 years of experience in advertising. He has collaborated with both the Biden and Trump administrations on various communications campaigns.

    His experience at the executive level dates back to 2011, when he served as Chief Operating Officer for Turner Entertainment, but he still plays a key role in marketing. On the other hand, she has never worked in the world of technology, and is a complete foreigner.

    The strategy behind Twitter’s new CEO

    Choosing a professional like Yaccarino can be interpreted as Elon Musk’s willingness to continue running the company Without his name being directly associated with the CEO number of X Corp.

    But the characteristics of the new executive power suggest another strategy. Since taking over Twitter, Musk has seen nearly $2 billion in advertising revenue evaporate. Content moderation policies alienated investors, leaving the social network it was bought for in a difficult position $42 billion.

    Yaccarino has known the world of advertising for 30 years. His role, rather than making strategic decisions for Twitter’s future, will be to bring big advertising investors closer to Musk, through his skills and the relationships built over his career. ©

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