The new BMW Touring Coupè: cocky design and supercar ambitions A return to style, it’s the successor to the Z4

    The new BMW Touring Coupè: cocky design and supercar ambitions A return to style, it’s the successor to the Z4

    In an era when innovation, in terms of engines and elegance, generates daily competitions, BMW never ceases to impress with its dominant options: as in the case of the Touring Coupé.

    When the game gets intense and the house competitive bar needs to be raised BMW They are always ready and, in fact, are used to throwing winning “arrows”: for example, with New round.

    We are talking, of course, about what everyone now knows as New round Coupe is a gem of a home BMW He wants to take an important legacy and focal space.

    any? Regarding the concept of inheritance, let’s talk about the model Z4while the goal of The new BMW Touring CoupeIt is attracting more audience segments with its attractiveness.

    She wants to do it two ways: With her aesthetic, which traces the style of a power-line vehicle, roaring that it design Which captivates, and on the other hand, with the desire to seem one supercar.

    Tour a coupe, how elegant a BMW

    In short, it is truly a real gem: the New coupe is She arrived to appear in all her eloquent beauty and there is no doubt about her qualities. Where did it appear?

    We saw it at the Concours d’Elegance Villa d’Este 2023, dExactly where BMW’s parent company showed off the global preview Concept Touring Coupe. like?

    It is one that draws inspiration, as mentioned, from the Z4 which in turn was born from the idea of ​​simulating Touring that triumphed in A thousand miles out of 40. In short, a remake of exquisite luxury.

    From the images and ideas that emerged, a two-seater featuring a six-cylinder engine emerged to great effect, with a cabin structure to be done Drive fans crazy.

    BMW, Touring coupe novelties

    Leather surfaces, a spacious and pleasant space both for those who love to travel and for the need for large, but at the same time large bags building from coupe This does not betray itself.

    The basic idea that engineers probably wanted to implement is about The concept of wandering coupe from BMW It is to make driving fun, dynamic and safe.

    The fun of basics transitioned into the more futuristic sense of innovation with a high-quality device for what matters technology to Edge and infotainment And not only.

    Even the very captivating aesthetic selection such as new paint and grille options has been enriched public curiosity.

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