The new 2023 Škoda SUV is multifunctional and innovative with features that are truly unique to the entire class

    The new 2023 Škoda SUV is multifunctional and innovative with features that are truly unique to the entire class

    Since 2014, the Skoda Professional School has adopted an annual tradition in which students design a A concept car has unique characteristics but they often become reality. The first realization was the Citijet, which was developed on the basis of the Skoda Citigo. For 2023, a fully electric car for students is planned, based on the Enyaq iV SUV. That’s it:

    • Discover the new Skoda 2023 SUV

    • Skoda 2023 strategies and considerations

    Discover the new Skoda 2023 SUV

    Since 2014, and Skoda Vocational School She gives her students the opportunity to design a concept car with unique characteristics each year. The first of these was citygateBased on Skoda Citigo. For 2023, the young designers are working on a ninth Student Car, a multifunctional vehicle for camping and mobile office functions, which will be built starting from the base of the vehicle. Enyaq iV SUVthe first Skoda series model built on the Volkswagen Group’s MEB electric platform.

    The students have already outlined some exterior and interior layouts for the concept, with support from the Skoda design team but they will build the car themselves. The test car will be one Personal space for experiments and discoveries, which also confirms Škoda’s commitment to electric mobility. The goal of the car is to allow its owner to become a digital nomad, working without being tethered to a desk, and free to move around wherever and whenever they want.

    The next student car will benefit from icons Simply smart features of the Škoda brand It will include the latest technology and a wide range of sustainable materials. The character of the car will be that of a desk cart, with battery powered electric motor, which will be the perfect travel companion towards new heights. The goal is to create a comfortable and functional space that allows the owner to work wherever they are, without having to give up comfort and quality of life.

    Skoda 2023 strategies and considerations

    Since 2014, inclusion in the Skoda Design Department has been one of the first stages in the journey of the students involved in the Student car project. Together with Oliver Stephanie and his team, the students develop preliminary drawings of the exterior and interior of the car they want to build. Next, they built the prototype car from the initial concept to the final product.

    In 2017, the students completed their first electric car, the Element, two years before the production model was launched. Electric Citigo-e iV. The 2018 Sunroq was instead a convertible version of the SUV KarokeIt was followed the next year by the Mountiaq concept pickup, based on the Skoda Kodiaq SUV.

    In 2020, students introduced Slavia Spyder, derived from Scala. In 2022, after a hiatus due to the pandemic, Skoda Motorsport participated in the project for the first time by supporting the creation of the Skoda Afriq, a rally car based on the city SUV. Skoda Kamiq.

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